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The Splendid Feast!

As we come to the end of this month, social media has been quite lively, bursting with stories about the recently concluded season of MasterChef Australia 2021. With two contestants of Indian origin making it to the finale and one of them actually winning it. People from the Indian subcontinent are celebrating not only the victories but also what they mean for the scrumptious food of this region.

Is it just me or do the dishes put together in this season of the gripping MasterChef Australia look more appetizing, just because I'm on a diet?!

Speaking about the grand finale, though not the winning recipe, the dish which made the most noise was the modest and traditional cross-border food, ‘Panta Bhaat’ with 'Aloo Bhorta', prepared by one of the finalists- Kishwar Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi comfort food. The dish was re-christened and called, as the smoked rice water, served alongside sardines and lip-smacking salsa.

"This is powerful food. To have the heart and soul of the dish be all about something as simple as rice and water and seasoning. You know, it is powerful with history and it is powerful with flavour" -Judge Melissa Leong quoted.

And guess the winning dish, I am sure you can tell!

The remarkable dish which won the title was actually influenced by the Indian culinary style and heritage. An elegant take on this versatile dessert, which is both crunchy and light in texture, with a little inclusion of edible gold flakes, Pori Urundai – made resplendent by the winner, Justin Narayan. It is an absolutely famous, well-known, and celebrated preparation in southern India, with its basic, but chief ingredients being puffed rice flakes, jaggery, and peanuts.

If you're an epicure, (P.S.: of course, everyone starts to drool around fancy and comfort food!) and you’re looking to try a new or classic dish this week, give one among these recipes a definite try. Judging your creation in the quintessential MasterChef manner will only add to the enjoyment!

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