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The story of the superhero -2022

It was a beautiful day in 2022 as Tony Stark was sitting in the Universal Conference room with great superheroes and leaders. They were deliberating on the slowly growing Global Crisis i.e., Screen addiction in the world. Not only had this disease gripped the adults, but it had also made its way into the next generation. Children as small as 2 months were being given screens to watch. People hardly lived their lives; they watched their lives go by.

The reports post the pandemic were alarming. There was a colossal rise in screen usage in the world and post the pandemic this was projected to go up exponentially. They had all gathered to think of a solution and ways of solving this crisis. They wanted to find a solution to get human beings participating in their lives again fully. Human potential was getting wasted across the world as people were mindlessly binge-watching content or playing violent games. These violent games were causing a mental health epidemic among children and teens.

There were many consequences to consider. Arhana, the seer in the group could see that

if they were not able to find a solution to this pressing issue some of the following things would happen. There would be wars for Bandwidth. If there weren’t enough reasons for humans to fight, this would be one more. Everyone would be living in a fake virtual reality. More and more people would choose to stay at home and not socialize and put up with the bother of being vulnerable and creating REAL connections and relationships. VR would become the next real world.People only leave the house for necessities like food and water. Cleanliness and Stench were building up across – as people were leaving the house only for necessities and neglecting their daily tasks.

Everyone in the room was shocked. This was way more serious than any of them estimated. It would take a very special person to solve this crisis. It had also become clear that it was not a job for any one person/ hero. We needed to create communal awareness.

They started listing the job description of the person who would be capable of attempting to resolve the issue.

Considering the special nature of this problem – as the villain was not outside, the villain was inside this time. In the choices and thought processes of humans. Of course, the Social Media Platform makers and Game makers also had a huge role to play, but eventually, man must make his own choices.

After all – like Albus Dumbledore says – “It is our choices that show who we truly are, much more than our abilities.”

Where would they find a HERO like this?

The leader of the council, Ironman, decided it was time to reveal a secret.

They had a secret chamber where they could donate powers to other heroes to create a new Superhero.

They decided that the promising new entrant in their school of mastery, Arnav would be ideal for this role. He was young, had immense passion and competence and further was in the age group that would be able to understand and influence the children and teens most. They invited him to the secret chamber and asked him to stand in the middle. Then the superheroes all took their places on the pedestals around him and began the process. Many unique and bold colours of energy were flowing toward Serato. He was amazed at the beautiful sight and felt his body filling up with all sorts of powers! After 2 minutes the process was done, and the heroes gave their collective powers to this young hero. Since he was no longer Arnav, they needed to rename him which reflected his power and mission. They named him Serato. There was a special reason for this. Serato, short for Serotonin, was the antidote to Dopamine, which was causing all these problems in their body.

They reconvened in the Conference room to decide their strategy and course of action

Then Sergeant Marshall came in to give the intel.

There was also an external villain Dopesta, who was the mastermind behind this whole operation of screen addiction.

They told him the plan, and he was ready!

Here’s how the plan went:

There was a villain called dopesta. He spread screen addiction in children by creating a company that created electronic gadgets which emitted unknown radiation that causes screen addiction. Serrato’s plan is to destroy this company and defeat the evil dopesta by showing children how much fun nature is and how the screen is degrading and rotting their bodies and brains.

Serrato started going around cities destroying podesta's electronic gadget stores and helping children by showing them the joys of nature and what screen addiction does to your body to make them aware.

The kids that had come to him instantly were cured and thanked Serrato for saving them, he went on to other cities until he finally reached the headquarters and the fight started. Dopesta was shooting the radiation here and there but Serrato dodged them all; they kept fighting for a few hours until Serrato sneaked a hit at Dopesta and finally ended it.

Now, the city of Mumbai was free of the headquarters and the world from addiction.

To be continued..

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