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The Strangest Deaths in History of kIngs

When we think of the demise of a ruler, we imagine it being on the battlefield or an assassination. Well, here are ten extremely strange deaths of ten extremely unlucky kings.

  1. Adolf Fredrik (King of Sweden) died after eating 14 semlas, a traditional Nordic dessert made of a sweet bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream.

  1. Charles II (King of Navarre and Count of Évreux) had to be wrapped in linen soaked in brandy because of his sickness. His physician then fumbled her candle. And cue flambé.

  1. Draco (Legislator of Athens) was suffocated underneath all the hats, shirts, and cloaks that Athenians threw on him in appreciation of his deeds.

  1. Attila (Ruler of Hunnic Empire) had an unfortunate nosebleed that caused him to choke while celebrating his recent marriage.

  1. Martin II (King of Sicily; King of Aragon, Valencia, Sardinia and Corsica; Count of Barcelona) laughed at a joke told by his jester and that, coupled with his indigestion, resulted in death.

  1. George II (King of Great Britain and Ireland) had a fit while he was in the washroom. He fell off and died.

  1. Caracalla (Emperor of Rome) was assassinated by his guard while he was relieving himself on the side of the road.

  1. Frederick Louis (Prince of Wales) was hit in the head with a cricket ball.

  1. Pyrrhos (King of Epirus and Macedon) was hit with a tile from a rooftop by an elderly woman, while he was trying to invade a town.

  1. Cambyses II (King of Persia) accidentally stabbed himself in the thigh with his own knife. The wound caused complications and he died.

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