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  • Ekansh Agarwal

The Teachings of “The Joker”

Most of us are familiar with the persona of ‘The Joker’ featured in the DC comics. One of the most iconic supervillain characters of all time. His casual walk, deep darkened eyes, blood red mouth and charismatic personality all capture the viewers’ attention and leave an imprint of his image in our heads. However, have you noticed one thing that is always present on ‘The Joker’? He always wears a smile. Whatever the situation may be, that iconic smile stays bound to its owner.

This eye-catching feature of his is in reality a life lesson. It teaches us to remain positive in the worst possible situations. There are ups and downs present in our life at every stage. Be it at the level of a student or that of a working adult, we all face adverse situations which test our potential to deal with unprecedented events. Due to increased academic pressure, projects, reviews, multitasking and other events, we students feel that we are being stretched to the breaking point and feel like throwing in the towel too. The task of managing sports, hobbies and academics feels impossible. However in these times it is crucial for us to relentlessly pursue our targets and go the extra mile. In fact the true test of our courage occurs only in such situations. Facing them prepares us to overcome obstacles in the future. Such tough times only make us stronger. Another famous saying of the Joker is “We mature with the damage, not with the years” - ‘The Joker’

While making this sketch the one thing I felt I needed to keep working on was the smile. I cannot fathom the number of times I erased and reworked the smile. The Joker just failed to look like the Joker without that perfect smile. Looking at the finished sketch, it certainly left a smile on my face. Whenever I see this in my room, it always reminds me to smile even if the sea of life hurls the most violent storms, the fiercest of cyclones it reminds me to keep sailing.

“No matter the situation, always wear a smile” - ‘The Joker’

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