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The Tenth Grade

“Kitne marks aaye, beta?”

  • almost every Indian relative once board exam results are out

The tenth grade. Every child’s unique story in Indian education. When I say this, a rush of thoughts may enter your head. The ones who have already been through this phase may be glad the school pressure is over but nonetheless miss the memories made. The ones who are yet to go through this stage might be nervous, fearful, confident, or excited, even.

But this article isn’t about them. This one's for us. The current tenth graders. Honestly, it’s about halfway or more into the year, and all I feel is exhaustion. The overwhelming pressure of classes, school, homework, friends, and above all, our family. The need to get good grades. The ‘make or break’ year.

Somehow time flies by during this year, and we don’t even notice how our last year in school just went by unnoticed. Everyone’s so focused on studying for the next big or small test that we forget that we’re only fifteen or sixteen years old. Studying is important, and good marks will definitely score you a good future faster, but these years are something that we will never get back.

According to social standards, you’re either someone who gets more than 95% in their board exams, or you’re an abomination in this world, and your entire life is ruined. This standard and thinking that have been set by random people do not help, but in fact, pressurize one more. Let’s be honest: There are few to none who have actually ruined their lives on the basis of the tenth grade.

Anyway, at the end of the day, all we want is sleep and marks good enough to satisfy us and those around us. So here’s to everyone who’s a part of the tenth grade and to everyone that will be undergoing this stage in the next couple of years. All the best, and don’t pay much attention to the gossiping family members.

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