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The Threads That Bind

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

When the colorful, shimmering rakhi is tightened around the hand of the brother, it becomes so much more than just a few pieces of string but also a symbol of the everlasting bond between a brother and sister that shall be cherished forever.

The rakhi is merely just a physical representation of the unique bond between two siblings, it captures the essence of their relationship filled with joy, laughter and a bit of mischief, but overall it keeps their bond strengthened each year by celebrating the heartwarming occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

The word ‘Raksha’ means protect and ‘bandhan’ means ‘to tie’ or ‘bond’. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival celebrated to honor the bond between a brother and sister. When the sister ties the rakhi on the brother’s hand they both swear to protect and support each other through their journey of life. The celebration of the festival has been modernized by the sisters tying the thread and offering pooja, and the brothers giving them a gift. However, the love and feelings of protection remains treasured as the festival is celebrated over generations. This festival originates from Hindu mythology and has various myths as to how the celebration of this festival was initiated. Some stories refer to the Mahabharatha period, where Lord Krishna accidentally cut his finger on the Sudarshan chakra and princess Draupadi cut a piece of cloth to stop the bleeding. Lord Krishna was deeply touched by this gesture and vowed to protect her from harm.

Since love has no boundaries, this celebration is not restricted to just brother and sister, but to every relationship that harbors the same unique bond of love and protection. The bond that is cherished like no other and promises to be protected no matter the distance between the two individuals. The bond that remains forever strengthened through the threads of the rakhi.

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