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The Truth about competition

Life is a game. What truly matters is how you decide to play it. Nowadays everyone wants to be the best but there can only be one who truly is the greatest of all time. To achieve this great height, people must take greater risks, make sacrifices and work tirelessly. Certain people with this eager desire to achieve being the best are often taken for granted and are shunned from society. They are considered rude and selfish. In today’s world, people have to put themselves before others as you never know who would betray you which might lead to you losing everything you worked so very hard for. This brings us to the conclusion, ‘Is a competition a selfish game?’.

No, millions of people pour their blood, sweat and tears into achieving their dream. They work day and night to come closer to being the best. A competitive person is called all sorts of names; rude, selfish, mean, self-centered but it is of utmost importance to overlook such things for you are putting in the work to make your parents proud who gave you everything to reach that limit, you are working to provide for your family, to be the better version of yourself and most importantly you are working to prove all the disbelievers wrong.

Competition is what drives you throughout life, it gives you the burning desire to prove your worth, it is an untouchable spirit which is required in this cruel world as it is you who has made sure to be the best among many others. Competition is a necessity but it is not a selfish game played throughout life. It is the breaking point in each person’s life to realize their worth and potential and to put everything you have to reach that.

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