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  • Nayna Taneja


The bright sunshine reflected on a few strands of Jonathan Lightwood’s jet black hair as he sat in his prison cell in Belmarsh. His white overalls (now almost brown), curly jet black hair, and piercing blue eyes made him look more like a criminal than ever. But he wasn’t one, was he? He was a secret agent for the Scotland Yard and he was on a mission. This mission was designed and approved by Senior Inspectors Japp and Lestrade.

Kent Brownrigg. Jonathan’s mission was to get a confession from Kent Brownrigg. Rigg (as everyone called him) was a serial killer. He had murdered seventeen people in a month. He had other felonies in his name before getting arrested for the murder of Daleyza Delacroix. But these were assumptions made by Scotland Yard. No one knew for sure if he was the murderer or not. He had been caught by a security guard on patrol trying to dispose of the body in a pond in Denham Country Park. The police were notified, and he was caught and sent immediately to the Belmarsh Prison. He was being questioned daily and thoroughly for the past two weeks, but to all the questions he would answer, “No comment.”

Jonathan decided to observe Rigg for a week before actually going and meeting him. So every day he would make as many observations as possible and make a mental note of everything. One thing he observed was that Rigg was never alone. He was always accompanied by one of his men. Rigg was quite well known at Belmarsh as he had several other prisoners under his command who would do anything when asked, so everyone feared him. Once, in the mess hall, Rigg was behind Jonathan in the queue for food. He could feel the danger as the man looked at him with his piercing brown eyes. His blonde hair (now brown) was slicked back and wet. His overalls were as brown as Jonathans but there was something off about him. Jonathan felt like he’d seen him before. His beard was covering a large portion of his face so it was tough to pinpoint exactly what felt off.

Rigg said, “You new here?” Jonathan replied but Rigg’s questions didn’t stop. He accompanied him to his table with 2-3 of his men and only after dinner was over did he stop asking questions. Jonathan had a well-structured story for why he was in prison, so he answered the questions with ease.

As Jonathan was about to leave for his cell, Rigg pulled him aside and asked his men to leave. As his men left, Rigg said, “You seem like a trustworthy man. So I want you to be my spy here. You’re new so people will trust you and whatever you find out, you report to me.”

Jonathan was in a fix. He was already a spy and now he had to be a fake one as well. He decided that this was important to gain Rigg’s trust so he agreed.

Jonathan did not sleep well that night. He played around with all his plans in his head and tried to make one that included being Rigg’s spy as well. He had fallen asleep at around 4 am and then was woken with the other prisoners at 7 am for breakfast. As he went into the mess for breakfast, he searched around for Rigg but he was nowhere to be seen. He asked one of the prisoners, who replied saying “Don’t you know? Everyone’s saying that he was murdered in his sleep last night. Stabbed right in his heart. It’s the only news going around.”

Jonathan sat as if he had been slapped in his face. His mission was over before it had even begun. He decided there and then. He would find Rigg’s murderer. There was something Rigg knew for which he had been killed. He would have confided his secrets in someone, wouldn’t he? With one killer dead, there was another one at large. This was a case that Jonathan had to solve.

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