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  • Kimaya Tandon

The Undying Olympic Spirit

‘Faster, Higher, Stronger and Together’ the Olympics motto truly lived up to its name this year. The Tokyo 2020 saw several World Records being shattered, numerous occasions of true friendships and the overall ‘Olympic Spirit’ being uplifted once again. At this time last year, none of us expected the Olympics to take place but a flicker of hope did the job. Although this year the atmosphere wasn’t the same, no fans to cheer you on, no media interactions and no loud ovations in the empty stadiums, the Olympics added the word ‘Together’ to their motto and proved their true essence. A decision that shows the real spirit of the Games, the other athletes cheered each other on and attempted to create a powerful ambience. Whether it was Mirabai Chanu making India proud or PV Sindhu once again being the queen of Badminton, Neeraj Chopra creating history or the India Hockey teams rewriting record books, the Tokyo 2020 was truly unique and especially for India.

All stadiums shut, swimming pools empty, and the running tracks being closed, every single athlete’s practice had been put on hold and all hope had vanished. Training at home and on long stretches of empty roads, all alone, can affect one’s focus and will to practice harder. But these world-class athletes didn’t lose their confidence and proved their dominance in their respective fields. This shows us their hunger to achieve, after all the final aim of each athlete is to take part in the biggest World-level event that takes place, the Olympics. The Tokyo 2020 games had to deal with a lot of injustice, riots, and politics but the result was a beautifully presented Olympic Games that will always have a special place in our hearts, an event that will go down in history and will be remembered for its undying spirit. This year’s games told us the stories of struggles, defeats, and achievements that we had never known. It helped to connect with people and reach out to them to remind the world that there is always hope to hang on to. After all, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

  • Kimaya Tandon

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