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We have all heard about the great sacrifices made by soldiers, kings, queens, and other victorious people on the battlefield. But the sacrifice we are going to talk about is a sacrifice made by a mother—a sacrifice made by a woman for her kingdom. Today we will be talking about Dhai Ma.

Panna, who is also known as DhaiMa, was a lady who was appointed to take care of the son of the king of Rajasthan. The name of the heir apparent to the throne was Uday Singh. Dhai Ma had a son who was nearly the same age as Uday Singh. Banveer was a man who had won the trust of the king. But the king had no idea that he would be the one who would kill him. One day, Banveer held a feast for the people of the village. When he was successful in distracting the people, he went and killed the king. Now, the only obstruction in his way was Uday Singh, who was the heir. When Dhai Ma got to know that Banveer was going to kill Uday Singh, She decided to give anything and everything to save Uday Singh. It was nighttime when she got to know that Banveer was approaching to kill Uday Singh.

With a heavy heart, she placed her son in the place where Uday Singh was sleeping peacefully and escorted Uday Singh out of the palace with another servant's help. Later, Dhai Ma had to see her son get killed. She flew away with Uday Singh and brought him up to be a strong, responsible, and brave king.

When Uday Singh was capable enough of fighting Banveer, he threw him off the throne and took over. Hence, Dhai Ma's attempt to save her kingdom was successful. Her selfless sacrifice is still remembered by every one of us. By sacrificing her son, she indeed made an unforgettable sacrifice.

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