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  • Krishna Mansinghani

The Young Prodige

Chapter 1: From the present to the past and back.

It was the year 3020, exactly ten centuries after the year that began the countdown for the darkest of times. The year 2020 was the onset of what turned out to be the most inordinate of times. It was when man began to suffer the most on account of learning a lesson. Ever since the beginning of time, humans had laid foundations of being transcendent in nature. Although it possessed such great supremacy, it became a bit selfish over time. People began to exploit mother nature to its complete core. For millions of years, it did so and felt as though one’s own motherland began to become an underdog that deserved a long awaited victory. Finally the year 2020 was the genesis for the damnation of the homosapiens. A pandemic came it's way forcing all countries to initiate a worldwide lockdown. Man was short on resources, humanity began to crumble, millions of people were captivated by death’s still hands and thousands, jobless and living on the streets with nothing in hand. Humanity needed a knight in shining armour, it needed light at the end of a dark tunnel, man was in urgent need of finding a cure to this vicious and dreadful disease. Three long years later it finally happened, a famous scientist finally discovered a cure, everything subsided and it felt as though nature had bestowed mercy upon us, it was kind enough to liberate us from dark times, only to endow us with innumerable additional sufferings. Man due to its careless nature did not pay much heed to its warnings and continued to misapply its resources. There ultimately came a time where mother earth could not stand it anymore and deteriorated to a condition in which man was forced to migrate to another planet. Soon after everything changed rapidly, there was a gigantic transition between the year 2020 and twenty five years after that.

Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic everyone had a physical lifestyle, students would go to school everyday, their parents would go to offices to work and no one needed to wear a mask at all times. Everything has shifted onto a completely digital platform. Both children and parents study and work with the use of computers while sitting at their homes, one needs to wear a mask at all times in order to keep themselves safe from the rapidly spreading disease and curfews are a common thing.

Now, coming on to the present to see how the world has progressed, we see that everything still works on digital lines, and artificial intelligence is the new normal. Everything has changed completely, the once known world is a vast new island that will take one, years to explore. Poverty, unemployment and world hunger are things of the past. Everyone lives happily with a life full of contentment. Time travel, a theory in books is now a real thing, except that one can only travel to the future and not the past. The once dreamt flying cars exist too! Man has come a long way and has progressed to great heights in all fields.

Chapter 2: The accidental Discovery

In this vast world there once lived an orphan named Jack that was born on the streets and was left in a little crib when he was just a newborn. How cruel must his parents be, to leave him to fend for himself or perhaps to collapse to death? It was a kind Olaf that found him in an ally and saved his life. Although he came from a wealthy family, fights with his parents were the reason he fled from home to live on the streets. Olaf was like Yoda to Jack, he was his mentor, his brother and his friend. They lived together protecting one another on this vast new planet. Exploring new things every day and surviving on the edge of the boat of life was normal for them. One stormy day, Olaf found a half broken virtual reality set and knowing that his little Jack was in love with technology, brought it back to their tiny little ramshackle hut, that provided them with protection from the severe heat in summer and cold winds in winter. Jack was fascinated by it and although this was just a mere piece of technology in a world filled with robots, flying cars and time machines, he did his best to fix it to its original condition and failed in doing so, he felt disheartened but didn't lose hope. After a few days, he tried to put them on again and saw something different, it felt like a whole new world. Everything was almost the same but it was just different, Jack could edit the way it looked and could decide on everything, it was like he was the king and the world was his kingdom. He would use it everyday and would create different variations of his world. One fine day as he was doing so, an idea struck his mind which would entirely change the way man lives. Using his V.R glasses he accidentally created a so called afterlife system which consisted of 2 places; ‘The Elite’ and ‘The Unpleasant’. His genius mind also found a formula wherein, after death, one’s actions would be weighed on a scale and depending on how good or bad they were it would be decided whether they would go to the good place or the bad place. People that went to ‘the unpleasant’ place lived an afterlife of torture, only to make them improve and once they did so, they would receive an opportunity to come back to life and correct all of their wrong doings without knowing that an afterlife existed, hence making them live their life like they did before death. The ultimate goal was for every human to visit the elite. However, people that directly went to the good place would receive a life of peace and calm. As soon as he created this new world he automatically transcended to become the head supervisor of it. Little Jack could still visit his planet whenever he wanted to.

After revolutionizing the world little jack introduced his invention to the population. They now knew that there was an afterlife, but still couldn't get into ‘the elite’ as easily. Jack with the help of Olaf created another formula which could judge how one performs good deeds; with selfishness or with a kind and pure heart.

Chapter 3: The Conclusion

This was how a little boy revolutionized the world and changed the way one looks at life.

It was just a young soul that could do so much. I feel that if one puts his mind at anything, come what may, he can overcome all obstacles to reach his goal. It takes just a person with great dedication and a positive outlook to do so. I would also like to point out that we should train our mind to see the good in everything, positivity is a choice for one to follow. The happiness in our life depends upon the quality of our thoughts. Little Jack didn't lose hope and tried to do his best to fix the little piece of technology that he obtained and ended up creating a whole new life for one after death. In conclusion, I would like to quote the wise words of Confucious,

“If you are positive, you’ll be able to see opportunities instead of obstacles.”

The future, a place where little Jack lived

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