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Lying down on the silk couch, Rose didn’t feel that good,

For this was her first session with a therapist and she had no idea of what could happen and what would.

The therapist sat down- oh so stout with paper and ink,

Adjusting her spectacles, she, with all professionalism prompted Rose to think.

“Dear Rose, what troubles you deep within the most?

Is it the perspective of society or are you afraid of ghosts?”

“No no madam I do easily deal with ghosts, yes society is tough but I’ll manage that as well.”

In all her early teenage innocence, Rose began to tell.

“This is a safe space my dear, feel free to vent out your mind.”

“Madam oh you’re so kind, but vents do open in other rooms, anyways let’s get to the grind.”

“Bring out your deepest darkest secrets my dear, spit them out like fire.”

“Oh I will, but hearing them is not what I think you desire.” Rose smiled.

“My problem is my sister- oh she’s changed a lot.”

“Oh Rose, that's a very normal teenage problem, don’t give it too much thought.

Anyways go on, it’s your right to feel annoyed.”

“My sister’s name I can’t say, she doesn’t like being spoken about.”

The therapist with a slight chuckle said, “Don’t worry child, this stays between you and me, she

won’t know what’s being spoken out of your mouth.”

“Oh she will know” Rose shouted so loud,

“She is everywhere, I notice her all around me, in my room or even in a vast crowd.”

“Oh, so your problem is she doesn’t give you space, go on I’m listening clear.”

“Yes doctor, at this point it’s her very presence I fear.”

“You should talk to her, Rose, overreacting won’t help either,

I’m sure she will respect your space, only you need to be sweeter.”

“You don’t understand doctor, she doesn’t reply to me,

It’s only me who’s talking and all she does is creepily see.”

“Rose Rose Rose, y’all have serious communication problems is what I observe.”

“Yes doctor, I try to tell her to leave me alone for a bit, but the plea she will swerve,

Like a shadow she hovers around me and is a problem indeed.”

“First rule- no calling names, follow this, I plead.”

“Rose, I observe a lot of aggression, tell me more, I’m very curious.”

“Yes doctor, the other day I was sleeping peacefully and she pushed me off my bed and

disappeared, our situation is such.

She troubles me when I’m awake and doesn’t let me sleep at night,

She switches the lights on and off all day and I can’t even put up a fight.

My room feels so gloomy and cold whenever she is around,

Whenever she comes near me everything goes so silent, I’d be able to hear a pin striking the


“Interesting Rose, indeed this is really affecting you, why don’t you talk to your mother?”

“Oh doctor I did, and that’s how I ended up here.”

“What a strange family” the doctor thought ,

“Who sends their daughter for therapy because they are fighting with their sibling , seriously parenting needs to be taught.”

Rose interrupted her train of judgement and said with fury,

“The other day my sister broke all of my mother’s vases and when I told my mother it was her who caused the chaos, my mother looked at me worriedly thinking I’m making up a story.

She yelled at me for lying and for saying what I did about my sister, who is so mean."

“Why wouldn’t your mother believe you, who is the troublemaker she ought to have seen?”

“Oh that’s the problem doctor , she’s gone delusional since father passed away.”

“Rose dear, that’s a harsh thing to say, what happened to your father by the way”

“No doctor it's not harsh, I dislike the house where my sister troubles me grinning so wicked and wide,

Oh and about my father didn’t I tell you, last year in a car crash he and my sister died.”

~Krish Chandnani (Batch of 2020-21)

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