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  • Dhruv Kamani

Time Travel - A Pathway into the Future

Humans have always had a fascination with time but there has been little research done into the actual possibility of time travel - a concept that has been portrayed thousands of times in books, films, TV shows and other representations is currently in theory and has not been proved.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time travel into the future is very possible, and does not break any laws of quantum physics. This is because time is relative, it does not pass equally for all observers. Time is observed differently for objects near a large gravitational mass like a black hole or a neutron star. An experiment was conducted that involved two identical twins, Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly. Both were made to wear identical atomic clocks, which measure time very accurately. Scott Kelly, an astronaut, spent eight months on the International Space Station, and on his return his watch was compared to his brother’s who was on earth. It was found that Scott’s watch was a few microseconds ahead of Mark’s watch, which proved that Scott had travelled a few seconds into the future because he was less affected by gravity by being further away from the earth than his twin.

International Space Station

There is a fundamental law of the universe that dictates that nothing can travel faster than light. Just like how time slows down near a massive object, time slows down in the same way while moving at speeds close to the speed of light. This has not been proven directly like in the last case, but theories predict a similar pattern relating to speed. If an astronaut were to travel some distance in a rocket travelling at 80% of the speed of light and return to earth, they would find that the earth would not be the same as they left it. Although they were in the rocket for only a few minutes, the earth would have gone ahead by several centuries.

A lot more research needs to be done and a lot more people need to be passionate about unlocking the mysteries of the universe. I hope that more research is done into the field of time travel as an actual possibility for travel would be an immense help to humanity.

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International Space Station

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