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  • Moha Tungare


Year : 3022

Disclaimer : No factual information is present.

It has been 30 years. 30 years since my imprisonment. Technically, you can't say it was imprisonment, because I was born here, but it was nothing less than a prison. Wait, you must be confused. My name is Maira. Maira Oakwood. I have lived in San Francisco for my whole life. 30 whole years. This is not the happy, jolly and lively place you remember. This place has turned into a prison. A living hell of a prison. I had not stepped out of my house till I was 21 years old. But, why has this happened? Why is San Francisco in ruins? Why is America slowly crumbling away? This began many decades ago. When Russia won the war against Ukraine, they rejoined all the USSR countries and

re-emerged stronger than ever.

Only when America fought against them did the Russians crumble to dust and get erased from history forever. Now the planet has been re-named to THE UNITED COUNTRIES OF AMERICA (after world domination). And I, Maira Oakwood, have lived in a place known as The Original America. However, the country did not stay united forever. The states started fighting because of the rigid rules of the president. Since then the whole “country” (country = world), has been at war. The suspicious thing about this was that there was no proof of any of these historical events apart from the news that came on the TV every Tuesday and Thursday.But it was passed down by our relatives too, so we believed them.

Everyone here grows their own vegetables and crops inside their home area which has tall walls surrounding it so that we do not step out, but still have enough open land to farm on.We live like prisoners inside our homes, with no connections to the outside world.I have lived like this my whole life and now i am documenting it for future generations to know about the trauma and ACTUAL facts about the war.Let me tell you a bit more about the news reporting schedule. Every 10 years the reporters get changed. Technically, I have seen 3 different reporters giving us our daily news of the destruction outside. The same way, when I turned 30 that year a new reporter was hired while the previous was dismissed.

Her name was Susan. Another routine 10 years passed and the day came for Susan to report her last news. As she went on explaining the news of the day, she started crying. We all thought it was because it was her last day that she was getting emotional. We couldn't be more wrong. Once Susan pulled herself together, she whimpered and started speaking, "All the people watching this today need to learn the truth. The history that you have been taught was a mere lie. A fictional story created by the government. The USA never won the war against Russia. There were never internal flights. This is all a lie, and I cannot take it anymore." There was a gunshot and the camera made static noises and shut off.

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