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  • Falak Vadhan

Trick of our Eyes

Seeing is believing , right ? Well , actually …..What you see and what you think you see are different things . Sometimes , our own eyes are capable of tricking our brain .

If you think that the word “optical” has something to do with our eyes , then you are already half correct . Optical illusions are visuals that tend to be deceptive to the eyes and brain .Your brain controls the entire nervous system . You would think it always reigns supreme right ? But sometimes it doesn’t . Your eyes gather information and send it to your brain . But your brain does not simply receive this information - it creates a perception. This means that sometimes our brain fills in gaps when there is incomplete information , or creates an image that isn’t even there !!

There are three main types of optical illusions :-

  • Literal Optical illusions

  • Physiological Optical illusions

  • Cognitive Optical illusions

A literal illusion is when the image you see is different from the images that make it up. For example, the illustration shown below is actually two images strategically drawn to look like one fluid image . This is literal optical illusion . In this case , you can see both a duck and a rabbit .

Physiological optical illusions are more complex because they rely on the over stimulation of the brain’s senses. The eye “sees” so much light, movement, color, dimension and size that it confuses the brain. At first glance, a two-dimensional figure looks like it’s three-dimensional. That’s because the brain immediately interprets it to be that way. Upon further investigation, the brain realises what the eye is actually seeing. Even our brain is quite lazy when it comes to work !!

Cognitive optical illusions are the most complex type of tricks the eye can play on the brain. Unlike other optical illusions, these illusions rely on what the subconscious mind thinks and how it relates one object to another. In other words, what you see is believed

to give insight into the depths of your thinking.

You might be able to see the vase and the faces. But you probably can’t see both at the same time right ?

Optical illusion are intriguing things that can play curious tricks on your brain . They are fascinating , quite thought-provoking as well . But be careful , don’t get fooled by this mind boggling trick of your eyes !!

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