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  • Zahra Kanorwala

Twists and Turns - The Final Part

“Since you already had that figured out, I suppose you have already thought up an escape plan?”

Zac said, annoyed but silently praying that she had.

“So, the problem is that the lock on the door is an L08, which cannot be broken without the

lock breaker, so we need to think of another route.”

“Most people in school must have come to know, right? Because news spreads there like

wildfire! ”

“Oh my God! I completely forgot.They must have put operation Absentis liberos into

action! You have put us all in so much trouble. Ughh! ” Mariana exclaimed.

Is this really my fault? Wait, what is Operation Absenti-whatever?

“Operation Absentis liberos.” It means missing children. All the higher authorities, including the president will meet and decide what to do next. We need to get back before they take extreme actions, or worse, tell our parents! Think and stop asking so many questions!

Zac’s face went pale. He took stock of the situation. “Mariana!” he said in a slow voice.

“Yes?”, she snapped.

“Can you hear a faint ticking, or is it just my imagination because I am hungry and thirsty?”

“Yes! I was going to say the same thing.”

“Also, I think we have been used as double bait.”

“What do you mean?” she said, suddenly interested.

“Is there a way they could have put a bomb in here? And isn’t there a coastline around 10

kilometers away from our campus where the higher authorities were meeting?”

“Yes, there were multiple chances .They could have done it before the ship sailed away.

And yes to your second question also. Stop beating around the bush and get to the

point now!” Mariana said impatiently.

“I think this was a plot by someone.” They kidnapped us to lure the higher authorities. In fact, I don't even think the ship has left the port! They will just launch the bomb

and something will happen to us and the president and all the professors will die.

I seriously didn't think something like this was also possible but it is true .The ticking has

become faster! Therefore, we would not have more than 8 minutes left. “Kick that small

wood plank here.”

Mariana started rubbing the wood plank and it became sharper. She took the plank,

raised her hand and used that to cut the rope and then broke it and used it to cut her hand free

by using her mouth.Then she helped Zac.

In the corner behind the crates, there was a plug connected to a rocket-shaped object. The timer displayed ‘12 seconds to launch’.Without thinking, Zac pulled the plug, and the time stopped at 5 seconds.

“What did you do?! We haven’t analysed the bomb, we don’t know how it will react, what if it explodes OH MY GOD WHAT IF WE DIE?”

This was the first time Zac had seen Mariana so panicked!.

Zac and Mariana’s heartbeats were so loud that they echoed in the silent crate, and then the bomb just disappeared into smoke and made a very tiny explosion.

It's been 5 seconds, Mariana.” We’re not dead!”

“We did it!” Mariana started jumping in joy and Zac was in seventh heaven.

Mariana realized what she was doing and straightened herself immediately. “Now, we just

need to find a way to get out of here. Open the crates and see if there is anything useful in there.”

“Oh my! These crates are filled with the lock breakers, which might just help us escape!” said Mariana.

She put the breaker on the lock, and the lock opened and the door swung open. They were

greeted with a strong gust of wind and below them, they could see armed guards and the

mighty ocean. Suddenly, the crate tilted rolled down and fell down. Mariana knocked

one of the guards and jumped into the ocean. Zac ran behind and jumped into the ocean

with a huge splash.

He swam towards the shore as fast as he could. Mariana reached but he was far behind. He reached and Mariana pulled him back.

They were hopefully finally safe.

“We just did so many things in less than 36 hours! We got attacked and hacked into the school

firewall, got kidnapped, injured two people very badly and saved so many lives!”, said Zac

panting but content

“Well, all’s well that ends well!” said Mariana in a relieved tone.

Tired but happy, the pair walked towards the tall building that to others was a school, but to them, home.

Zac and Mariana

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