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  • Pranjal Mishra

Unfolding the AI System

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a branch of computer science which deals with the creation of self learning and intelligent machines which can perform tasks which otherwise require the human mind. Nowadays many coding languages are capable of programming it. Many ready-made tools and frameworks are available for developing AI projects like TensorFlow, Kafka and PyTorch . AI systems are mostly used for solving complex problems in less time, which humans can find difficult to do.

For creating an AI first we should identify the problems whose solution is required, next in training and testing data, select proper algorithm like supervised or unsupervised, train the selected algorithm , if that algorithm does not give desired output then go for another algorithm , select programming languages like python, C++,Java etc and then select any existing framework like PyTorch, Kafka, Tensorflow .

This process is divided into 3 layers: The Input Layer, The Hidden Layers and The Output Layers.

In the Input Layer we input the data, the hidden layers analyse the problem in nodes. Nodes are just like the human brain’s neurons and each node then gives the output which constitutes the output layer.

They are used by many large companies throughout the world like Google, Microsoft and IBM which AI . We find many Artificial intelligence platforms in our daily life like alexa, cortana, a new bing ai has also come! (checkout your new microsoft edge browser), some are robots, some are door sensors, some in automatic cars and many more abroad. AI's help us in all fields and if properly used, they could help the human race progress and take a leap forward.

Artificial intelligence helps us in problem solving and it makes our life easier . It is becoming stronger and may take us to ways unknown and unimaginable in the future…

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