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  • Suhani Agarwal

Unity in Diversity

The culture of India is as vast as its geography. Being a large democracy with an even larger population, India presents various cultural patterns. It is the land of many languages and is a secular nation.

India’s vast population is composed of people having different creeds, colour as well as customs but nonetheless, we still live happily together and are united as Indians. Festivals and celebrations are a common occurrence in India but they are never constrained to a particular home or family. In fact, they are celebrated with so much liveliness by the whole neighbourhood that not a single person would feel alone or unhappy. The spirit of our people never dies down, no matter what festival it is. In my society as well, I have many friends who follow different religions but every year, we come together and celebrate all festivals with immense joy and enthusiasm. Before the lockdown, during Diwali, my friends and I used to gather and light firecrackers, exchange dry fruits and light diyas spreading light and happiness. On Christmas, we used to decorate Christmas trees in each other’s house, exchange gifts and sing carols, thus lifting up the spirit. While doing this, we forget which religion we belong to and we would celebrate these festivals as true Indians. In a multicultural, multidimensional society like India, almost every day is a festival. Just like how we are united during times of happiness and joy, we are equally united during times of sorrow, for instance, the ongoing pandemic. Our brotherhood, ignoring the difference in caste, creed, colour and religion, binds us together, together in this fight against the coronavirus.

“United we stand, divided we fall”, a famous quote, and one which stands true for our glorious country. Here each state has its own unique historical, mythological and cultural background, and has its own identification mark, but when viewed as a whole, India reflects unity in our diverse cultures. We shall stand together in the face of this pandemic, support each other as we always have, and use this power of unity to bring an end to the Coronavirus.

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