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  • Atharv Laddha

Unity is Strength

Four children, between the ages of 18-21 were best friends. One of them was very rich. Once, during the summer season, they decided that they will go to a hill station for a couple of weeks to have fun. They did not know that a kidnapper was tracking them, and when he came to know that they were going away from their parents, he decided that it was the perfect opportunity to kidnap one of them.

The four friends, when reached the hotel at the hill station, coincidentally saw their old rivals from school. When both groups saw each other, they decided that they would play a lot of pranks on each other. They played so many pranks that finally it was intolerable for both groups.

One morning, when the children woke up, they saw that their rich friend was missing. They searched for him all around the hotel but could not find him. They finally concluded that their rivals had kidnapped him and they started to fight with them. The rivals had no idea about what they were saying so they broke into a fight as well. Just as they were about to start their fighting, a call came on the missing person’s friend’s phone. It was the rich child’s parents.

His parents told him that his friend had been kidnapped and the kidnapper was asking for a ransom of 15 lakhs. At the same time, the hotel manager came to them and said that he wanted to talk about something important to both groups of children.

The hotel manager told the children that that day, early in the morning, a cleaner had gone into the basement of the hotel and there he had seen a child and a man telling him to stay quiet. The friends immediately recognized him as their friend and the two groups decided that they would work together to rescue their friend.

On that night, the friends told the hotel manager to release some sleeping gas in the basement so that the kidnapper would fall asleep. Once he fell asleep, two of the friends went into the basement and rescued their friend.

When the kidnapper woke up in the morning, he realised that he had been tricked. He went out of the basement and saw the friends leaving. He tried to chase them but when he was about to catch them, he bumped into the police.

The police were well aware of the kidnapper because he had been a most wanted criminal for a very long time. The police arrested him and praised his friends for their bravery.

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