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  • Aaditya Lahori

Unknown Changes Around Us

What we see is not all there is in the world. It is composed of many mysteries and facts which are still unknown to us. Each object we see can be much greater than what we perceive it as. There are many more natural and scientific phenomena that tend to cause a change that is not visible to our naked eye. Every day, every night, every season and every year, many changes take place but those changes are often unnoticed by us.

For example, the Eiffel Tower located in Paris – a wonderful piece of architecture – grows taller and shrinks. In summers, it can grow approximately 15cm taller because of one simple phenomenon - thermal expansion (according to which most substances expand on heating). It is obvious that if the Eiffel Tower expands in summer, it must shrink in winter or else it would have become much taller by now. Every day, it shrinks or expands but we do not notice this change that is happening right in front of us.

Another example of this phenomenon is yourself. Each morning when you wake up, you are usually about an inch taller than normal, but during the day your height decreases and goes back to normal. A simple explanation for this is that everyone sleeps horizontally and thus, the force of gravity does not act vertically to reduce your height when you sleep. However, when you stand up, the force of gravity pulls you and your spine downward, causing a slight decrease in your height. This happens every day but we fail to notice it. The reason for this change was only found after understanding a similar logic related to why astronauts grow taller in space.

It is not only our world that changes, but even the science with which we understand the world changes from time to time. In today’s world, nothing remains constant whether we realize it or not. Our world is changing with the pandemic we are facing right now. Therefore, we too change with the changing times, as the only thing that is constant is change.

Unnoticeable change in the height of the Eiffel Tower

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