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  • Kabir Parmani

UNSDG 2030- Poverty

India is a diverse nation, a home to millions of people. In a country comprising a vast population, there are various issues or problems that need to be addressed and have solutions provided for.

Poverty amidst plenty seems to be the main problem in India. The majority of the Indian population lives in rural areas. Over 80% of the income of the rural poor is spent on basic necessities as a result they are left with a meagre amount to meet their wants of clothing, health, education and entertainment. Unfortunately, the rural masses are unable to afford even the basic needs of life. However, there have been various schemes initiated to help aid them. Efforts have been taken to bridge the divide wherein the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. We should also ensure that certain sections of the society are liberated from the vicious grip of the money-lenders, big farmers and landowners. Effective planning is the only way to eradicate poverty.

The Community Development Programme which started in 1952, should be further strengthened and expanded. This programme has helped significantly in the development of villages. According to me, this scheme should chiefly aim more at providing more employment and production by the application of the latest methods of agriculture which would benefit the farmers and help them earn according to their hard work. Various programmes, governments and organizations are keeping in mind the UNSDG 2030 which aims to develop and transform the world while executing various initiatives.

The UNSDG, that is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 is a unique feature of the United Nations which aims to clear 17 goals for its people. Some of its goals are “No Poverty”, “Zero Hunger”, “Quality Education”, “Good Health and Well Being”, “Affordable and Clean Energy” and many more...They will surely clear all their goals which they have set up in front of them as a target till the year 2030.

The government and many small NGO organisations are doing their best in these hard times, which is quite appreciative and with the main mission in their blood “Zero Poverty!”, they will do their best. From our side too we should help the poor so that they have their stomachs filled.

Help feed others

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