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  • Pahel Gholani

Untouchability- A State of our Mind

If untouchability lives, humanity must die and untouchability must die if humanity lives.

Untouchability-a single word yet the destroyer of thousand lives. In the olden days, untouchability was a very common issue seen in every village. Each village has a caste system in which the brahmins were the most superior caste and the dalits were the most inferior caste. The dalit children were not allowed to study with the others, they were not allowed to touch public resources such as wells, taps etc. Everyone was prohibited to touch them or even talk to them. They were also termed as ”Untouchables” They were basically an outcast to society.

Over the years India has advanced a lot across all fields. India has become a progressive country with modern thoughts. However this is only in cities. There are still many villages in India where people performing menial tasks such as cleaning garbage, sweeping bathrooms, disposing dead bodies, etc. are considered as untouchables and inferior to the upper classes. But why are we judging people on the basis of their work or caste? Why do we consider the son of a servant a servant too? Caste is not decided by birth, it is denoted by our actions. The son of a cremator can also become the CEO of a big company one day. Untouchability is a custom of the olden days, meant to be forgotten, not followed. Untouchability is a curse, not only to the victim but to the whole world. There should not be any inequality on the basis of one’s caste or birth because all humans are equal. We all have the same blood flowing in our veins, the same beating hearts and the same minds. The only thing that is different is our thoughts. Thoughts define a person, not their caste.Thus, we should forget the terms ‘untouchables’ and ‘untouchability’ and see all humans in the same light.

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