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  • Aditya Choudhary

Vehement Veracity

The wind was howling, the leaves of bosky trees left and right rustling in it. The ground was littered with dried leaves, he heard someone running. The leaves crunching with every step, whoever this person was, was in great hurry.

Matthew had just returned from work and had stepped out to soak in a bit of fresh air. He decided to take a stroll in the newly inaugurated park. As he walked past the brand new grey coloured iron gates, he pictured the park contractor handing over a giant pair of scissors to the mayor, who being an ace, cut it open on his first try. The mayor, his assistants and the contractor gathered to take a photo. Mathew was left standing in the crowd.

“Finally! I caught up to you.”, he said, putting his hands on his knees to catch his breath. Matthew had stopped walking as soon as he heard Rons bawl. “What are we having for dinner?”, he asked inquisitively. “I’m not in the mood to prepare food so let’s just order something, yeah?”. They walked through the park to the other side of the street to the Delicious Chow. They were greeted by the hostess, who allocated Ron and Matthews usual table for them. Matthew removed his backpack from his shoulders and sat down at the table. Ron sat down as well, using the cloth placed beside the cutlery to wipe the sweat off his forehead. “Do you see the bag I kept beside me, Ron?”, Matthew asked. “Yeah, why what happened?”. “It contains an explosive that can obliterate this restaurant.” “Oh wow!”, Ron exclaimed, chuckling. Matthew unzipped the bag to show Ron its contents. Ron gasped and pushed back his chair. “Now, now we don’t want to cause a scene here do we?” Matthew replied, pointing at the bag. Ron looked at the others dining at the restaurant. He looked at the families and children dining with them, he looked into the face of a toddler, so innocent and yet to experience the true meaning of life. He pulled back his chair. “Why are you doing this?! What have these innocent people done to you and I done to you?” “Nothing really. It’s what the government of this town has done for me that makes me angry. I have been a loyal government employee for over 6 years and what have I gotten in return? Nothing; I worked on the project to develop the park day and night for 8 whole months and they didn’t even invite me to join the inauguratory photo but we shall see who prevails in the end. I decided to choose a safe distance from the park to not damage it and destroy my own project. This will definitely send a message to the mayor.” “I understand your feelings, being left out of the team after working on the project by yourself is one of the worst feelings one can get, it just doesn’t make sense why they left you out but we must learn to accept what life throws at us, them not calling you on stage was indeed an error but their feeling are not something you can control. Maybe there were many people on the stage and they couldn’t fit you in or you couldn’t present your work properly. People will always harbour feelings whether you like them or not and we must learn to accept that as we cannot change them. This does not call for irrational behaviour such as killing people for revenge. It is okay to be angry but to cause actual physical harm is not permitted by society and the people around you. Please I implore you to reconsider your actions and think of all the valuable lives that will be lost.” Ron looked over towards the baby, “Look at that infant, he is but a sapling in this dense forest of humans, you must spare him the chance to grow and learn, to understand what this world has to offer. Maybe he could be the next Einstein of our generation or the next Picasso, who knows, but whatever he decides to be will be in the benefit for all mankind. Every human being is important ot planet Earth, no matter who they are or what they do and we as a part of society should always respect that.”

Matthew looked moved, it seemed as if something had been brought to life that he hadn’t ever considered before. His face turned from a deranged smirk to a visible frown, he began to realise the act of foolishness he was about to commit or WILL commit. He looked at his wrist watch. The explosive was set to explode at exactly 8pm, it was now 7:56pm, Ron and Matthew had exactly 4 minutes to isolate the bag. Matthew ran out of the restaurant as fast he could, he paused for a moment considering whether he should do it. He was positive. He took the bag and started gyrating creating a sort of centrifugal force on the bag. The diners in the restaurant were now all staring at Matthew. People on the street stopped to look at him. Matthew had known that the park closes at 7:30pm. There were no people inside the park. He flung the bag with all his strength, it flew over the gates and into the centre of the park. He rushed back to tell the walkers to back off. The bomb exploded with a large sound. Everyone near the scene was shocked. They started clapping as they realised what Matthew had done. For once by doing the right thing Matthew felt appreciated.

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