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  • Krishna Mansinghani

Visitors from outer space: (Part 1)

Chapter 1: The Storm Rolls In

It was a bright sunny morning in the middle of June. The scorching heat gave the residents of the town a day of complete misery. Although it was boiling hot, it provided the town with a scenic view and a one of a kind experience. The sky was a million colours of hazel, golden, red and orange. The sun's rays shone on the pink and white lilies which made them look as though they were glowing. The sun's rays also stretched to the darkest corners of the town, lighting them up as though it was christmas. The rays of the sun also stretched through the lakes and rivers of the town making them sparkle like glitter. It was the highest temperature ever recorded in the tiny hamlet of Waynesville, Ohio. It was sunny all day but suddenly out of nowhere came a snowstorm at nightfall. It was one of the coldest ones yet, forcing everyone to flee to cover themselves and stay warm. It was terrifying and yet fascinating to see the drastic change in weather from dusk to dawn. The scholars and highly educated members of the town claimed that it was global warming and pollution at its peak that had led to changes in weather and put on a brave face for the public. The whole town was then declared as a red zone and was shut until the storm would settle which meant that all flights coming in or going out of the town had been cancelled. There was a surge of countless worried faces but no one had any clue what to do other than to remain calm and hope for the best.

Chapter 2: A Fascinating Discovery?

Soon the night clouds rolled in and it was time to sleep.

As the whole town went off to bed wrapped in their night suits, covered in cozy blankets with a hot cup of cocoa in their hands, a little boy named John stayed up and strolled down the snow laden streets in nothing but a single coat two sizes large. It was given to him by his grandfather who had left planet earth on a space expedition to discover extraterrestrial life in various other galaxies. This is why he would hold it close to him and would take it everywhere he went. The winter coat held a lot of emotional and sentimental value in the life of little john. John was a young boy, not more than twelve years old with blond hair and blue eyes. He was short for his age and could have easily been mistaken for an eight year old. As he strolled down a bylane covered in snow approximately six inches thick, he heard a loud thud coming north on the crossroads joining ahead. John was paralysed with fear and tried to run home but heard a mechanical whirring which sounded unlike anything he had ever heard. It intrigued him, and curiosity being one of his main attributes, he turned around and followed the direction of the sounds.

Chapter 3: New Guests Arrive in Town

As he reached the crossroads, he saw something that no set of eyes could ever perceive, it was a spaceship. Yes you heard me correct. It was a spaceship from outer space. It was a gigantic spheroid made out of a premium metallic covering with a futuristic design unlike anything man had ever seen before. The Blue and green lights that surrounded the spaceship made it look spectacular in the dark night. Little John was completely and utterly flabbergasted, not knowing what to do he approached the unidentified flying object (UFO) and began knocking at it.

Then, out came a gush of gas followed by the opening of a huge door located at the center of the sphere. The door transformed into a conveyor belt that would roll and could hence help any species to travel up or down with great ease. Following the display of world class technology came a group of blue coloured humanoid figures that immediately transformed into normal looking humans. John was so petrified, he didn't know how to react but instead of fleeing he remained confident and stood right there. The aliens then came in contact with John and told him that they were from planet T-910 and had flown across thousands of galaxies in search of shelter due to the destruction of their home planet. While on their journey to reach earth they had to fight multiple wars with other extraterrestrial species from various other planets whose homes had also been destroyed due to poor management and pollution. Earth was the only habitable planet that was left throughout the multiverse which consisted of nature, fresh air to breathe and a capacity to support over eight billion humans and countless other species of animals and plant life. Little John was left speechless yet again and didn't know how to react. He stood there like a sculpture from the medieval times that had been preserved in a museum.

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