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  • Ameera Dashputra


I like to imagine life to be like the ocean.

It has storms. It has tides. It has peace. It has calm.

It has waves.

We’re the shore. Rays of sunshine fall on us as we wait for the waves to hit us. The seagulls soar in the sky, the breeze blows and the palm trees gently sway side to side. We’re eager, curious, and hopeful. What would our waves be like?

The first wave hits us, indulging us with several emotions.

The waves brush past our sands, sometimes leaving seashells as memories.

The waves come and go, like time passing by. They could be anything.

They could be people.

People who come by and leave as quickly as they came.

People who drown you, leaving you gasping for air.

People who are like the cool water against your hot sand.

People that soak into your sand and become a part of you that remains deep within your heart.

They could be feelings.

Feelings of restlessness for dreams to come true.

Feelings of hope for the future unknown to us.

Feelings of memories of the past are brought back to be remembered again.

The waves could be restless, crashing against our rocks. They could be fierce, yet gentle. They could take us deep into the waters and help us learn how to surf over them.

Dance with the waves, move with the sea,

let the rhythm of water, set your soul free.

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