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  • Mrunal Sayam

What are Human Rights?

What are Human Rights? Why are they important to us? What are they about? And will the world function without them ?

Human rights are an obligation or rules and regulations governing conduct of the world. There are some guidelines that allow human beings to better or protect themselves but refrain and stop them from doing something at the same time to safeguard the kindness and humane point of the society. Human rights are an important set of rules for us as it shields and helps for the better of our society. It is a way through which people are able to raise their voice against any type of discrimination, abuse or violence. It allows people to adopt a better lifestyle and to have the day to day necessities required for every human being. Not only does it maintain rules for the betterment of humans but also rules for humans to defend our planet and environment from various factors. These directive orders consist of rights like Right to Education, Freedom of Expression, Right to nationality, Freedom from slavery and slave trade and Right to Life.

What would the world be without them?

The development of education in many countries would have faced a downfall since the schools would not have the same admission rate as usual. Equality between us humans would have been a big question mark since people would have discriminated against each other on grounds of colour , race, nationality, gender This right presents equal chances and fair chances for us without being discriminated against on something a human is born with and should not block someone from seeing the talent, skills of the individual on these grounds. Right to Freedom has probably had a great impact in the life of many individuals across the whole planet. Freedom means 'right to act , express their thoughts, speak up against things wrong about the society and convey messages, opinions and ideas.

At the end of the day all the regulations are made by the government for their citizens for their betterment and these are the ways to promote equality.

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