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  • Yukta Mirke

What happens when a reader leaves a book unfinished?

Everyone has different tastes in books, some like fantasy, autobiographical, romance, suspense, documentary or even action books. What makes you think people like reading? Of course it the plot twists or the unexpected ends. People get so drooled over it and forget about their surroundings or time. Some read to gain knowledge ,some read for entertainment while some read to improve their reading skills. There is a lot to talk about books and to learn from them, but have you ever thought about what happens when the protagonist leaves the book unfinished? It traps the mind of the person,it leaves them taunting from inside. Thousands of things going across their minds. Twisting their thoughts and adding more mystery. Questions start piling up like ‘What happens next?’ ‘Did they lose or win?’ ‘What happens to the main character?’ The author might have left the story at a critical point, introducing mysteries, conflicts, or dilemmas without providing resolutions. The protagonist is left hanging on the edge, desperate for answers that the unfinished book refuses to provide.

Marnie, the one who is obsessed with books, had piles of them on her shelf. She got this obsession from her first book ‘Red roses,Red blood’ which kept her up all night reading and since then she has been holding different books every time. Everyday, birthday, Christmas, holiday or occasional days she would get a new book to read. Last summer vacation her grandmother had bought her 5 new books and she finished all the 4 books.

She finally took some time and decided to read the last book. She sat on her bed at night and started reading the mysterious story of gold. While started reading she was a bit bored and almost went off to drift but as she started flipping pages and new chapters,it brought her interest back into it. She sat in a certain position and examined every word written. She had hardly reached the climax of the story when her mom entered her bedroom and ordered her to sleep.How she begged her to let her read a few pages but her mother did not listen at all. Poor Marnie kept the book back on the shelf and went to sleep.

Marnie tried so hard to sleep but piles of questions kept arising. She tossed from left to right and tried to forget everything but she couldn't help waiting to know what was coming next. While thinking a lot she finally fell asleep with her heavy mind. The next day when she woke up she ran from her bed and went to grab the book. As soon as she read the first line her mom came in and told her to get ready for school. Growling and gurgling Marnie got up and went to change herself.

Marnie was totally lost in school. She attended all her classes but her mind was somewhere else. She couldn't stop thinking about the next chapter and all the plot twists that were waiting for her. It was the first time in her entire life she had ever been so curious about a story. Her mind comes up with questions like “Who was it exactly?”, “Why did he do it?” “What was his aim?”, “Does he die?”, “Who is the main villain?”.

Different plot twists and stories started arising. New scenarios were created and stories with different endings were made. She was in such deep thoughts that she didn't hear her friends call out to her. She was caught many times by the teacher for daydreaming in class. She told her friends about what book she had read and how it was eating her from inside.

After school when she finally came back home she quickly changed her clothes and grabbed her book to read. She finally sat there and put all her heart in reading. Her heart was finally full of joy. All the holes of curiosity were filled up with answers.The fight feelings got loosened and the running of the mind was slowed down.

The only word to describe all these feelings was ‘Relief’. Marnie had never been so relieved in her life. She would always read books and always predict the endings. For so long she had been bored of reading books with so many thoughts but none left her desperate like this. She had finally realized what curiosity means. This motivated her a lot and she decided that she would start writing books too without giving it a single thought . Her desperation and wanting to learn more about books helped her parents agree with her decision. She decided her goal of reading all books of different genres and writing about a book of curiosity. A book in which all the feelings of curiosity,anxiety were written about and how a reader feels after leaving a book unfinished. How books gamble people's minds and hearts. How it changes a person from inside. How they leave people's minds hooked. When we read a book we need to adjust our time and accept the feelings. Only then can you actually understand the meaning of reading. Sometimes we feel empty inside without knowing what's next but we have no reasons to jump to conclusions. No one knows what's ahead but the book does, so patience is the key.

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