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What if the WORLD was one COUNTRY?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the world wasn’t divided into so many continents and countries and states and cities? What if the entire world was one country? What if no one identified as a citizen of a particular place, and we all belonged to the same place- Earth? This concept is actually called ‘Global Village’, and was first coined by Marshall McLuhan in 1960.

If we all possessed just one identity which was shared by all, it would eradicate all hatred and war! If the entire world was one country divided into many district sized self sufficient villages, a complex, branched government would not be required anywhere, only a small administration for each village. This would eliminate war, as there would be no country or state or city to battle. The entire concept of hatred towards a sector or nation, or hierarchy in society, which is the root of many social evils, would cease to exist.

Connections with other parts of the world could be maintained via telecommunication, hence the growth of technology, science and culture would be supported too. Since the villages would be self-sufficient, trade would be minimalized, hence industries would only create goods to be used by their own small district. This would exterminate the production of surplus material for trade and supply to a big country, hence the raw material, fuel, and pollution caused by factories would be minimised significantly, helping save the common identity of the entire population- Earth.

Upon further contemplation, the traits that attribute to the beauty of a Global Village get crystal clear- the base idea is instilling the values of co-existence and self-reliance in the citizens of the world. We don’t need to change the ongoing progress of the world to save the world and humanity. All plans and ideas to save the world will come down to how well we, the people occupying this earth, cooperate with one another and our home. Not our apartment home or our country- our WORLD. The future of the world is in the palm of our hands, all we require is interdependence in independence.

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1 Comment

Nov 24, 2023

Exactly my thoughts.

To hell with petty wars and petty hatred

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