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  • Meher Taneja

What is a Guru?

Who is that who changes lives?

The one who shows the lost light.

He shows you perspectives anew,

Who could it be, but a Guru.

What is a Guru? A sacred guide,

Whose wisdom flows like a sacred tide,

A beacon of hope, a radiant sun,

Guiding disciples till their journey's done.

A Guru, a master of profound insight,

Beyond the realms of mere mortal might,

A reservoir of wisdom, serene and deep,

Unfolding mysteries that forever keep.

Like a gentle breeze, a comforting hand,

A Guru nurtures hearts, where doubts expand,

They lead us through the darkness, night and day,

With love and compassion lighting our way.

In their presence, souls find solace and peace,

Their teachings, a treasure that shall never cease,

With patient guidance, they mould our soul,

Uplifting spirits, making us whole.

They teach us not just knowledge to attain,

But the art of living, free from worldly chain,

To seek the truth that lies within,

And transcend the boundaries of our own skin.

With every lesson, a new revelation,

A Guru imparts divine transformation,

They awaken dormant potentials within,

And unveil the secrets of life's sacred hymn.

So this mighty full moon,

Let us bow down to the one who shows us how to:

Face life's challenges with grace and might,

And walk the path that's bathed in divine light.

For a Guru is more than a mere name,

They embody the eternal, the very same,

A divine connection, a celestial thread,

That leads us to the truth, where all is spread.

What is a Guru? A divine luminary,

A guiding star in a world contrary,

Through their teachings, we find our way,

On this auspicious Guru Purnima Day.

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1 Comment

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