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  • Avni Mane

What is it to be a Woman?

Women. Underrated and discriminated against, yet are the tenacious beings of our society. From the day she is born until her deathbed, a woman is categorized as vulnerable and impotent because that's how people have been classifying her for several ages. Due to lack of education and family pressure, her rights are being nabbed away by them.

There were times when women were confined just to the household. Even though this has been the picture for a long time and still is in some places, women today have sailed to great heights, and their potential is uncovered and seen by all people. Well-educated, persistent, brave, hardworking and powerful women now thrive in our society. They have accomplished, inspired, and blossomed the very flowers now flourishing in our gardens. These spirited individuals have gracefully cracked the code of striking a balance between their personal life and career, no matter how challenging it is. These women honor what they are and embrace who they are. Regardless of being judged by others, they value their experiences and teach as they learn. Every woman is a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother. She keeps up with these responsibilities and endeavors her very best to value the ones around her.

Every woman should embrace womanhood. Embracing womanhood will reveal the facets that allow us to shine luminously like diamonds and illuminate the world. No society can progress and prosper if women there don't enjoy freedom and respect. Women have always found happiness in sacrificing their own needs for their loved ones. If they can make such a huge sacrifice, we should also give them that esteem, love, and respect that they truly deserve.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."-Michelle Obama

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