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  • Yashorit Bagchi

What is Science?

Science is commonly misunderstood to be complex or very tough to understand. Contrary to those beliefs, science is nothing but the usage of logic to systematically understand various aspects of life. Starting from how earth rotates and revolves around the sun without ever getting disrupted to exploring the vastly unknown regions of our planet to how plants make food on their own or how our own body functions. Even the study of our daily objects and our behaviour is science.

There is science everywhere in every aspect of this world’s existence. Without science life itself would stagnate and remain unevolved. Science extends beyond what we can directly detect with our five basic sensory organs. For example, dinosaurs. Have we ever seen or touched them? No, we have not. Yet, we know that they once upon a time did exist on this planet of ours. How? With extensive study and research of fossils that could be established. Similarly, micro-organisms. Using special instruments like microscopes which extend the reach of our senses, we can analyze them, understand their nature and confirm how they can be beneficial or harmful to us. Not only that but science also reaches inwards. How our mind and body react to stimuli, what happens when we hear good news, which hormones when released makes us hungry. We never see these actions taking place with our eyes but they do happen and we know that through various tests and experiments.

To conclude, one must always be open to learning and relearning without any preconceptions and mental blockages. While taking up science you never know what new thing you might come across and how it could interest you. Every stream of life is a science and when you start understanding them you might get mesmerized enough to embark on a new journey in the path of knowledge. Whether it is fine arts, mass media, food technology, environmental science, behavioral science, rocket science, medical science or the science of teaching, Science is everywhere!

As the Sanskrit verse goes:

‘With the torchlight of divine Knowledge, you open my eyes blinded by darkness of Ignorance’

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