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  • Sohum Gupta

What is the Value of Values?

Values and Ethics are two thin strings that preserve humanity. Trust, compassion, and empathy are such values which drive our society towards progress, however, this string is slowly snapping, which is detrimental to our growth, and progress, especially in such a crucial era.

Recent events of heavy racism and hate, especially towards Asians in the United States, and the controversial hijab laws being in the spotlight of the world news, along with the heartbreaking Ukraine-Russia conflict, society is tearing itself apart. We, as humans, are forgetting the basic values of friendship, brotherhood, and diplomacy. Our species is a special one, one with the intellectual power to understand and perceive the world around us, and develop into an advanced civilization. Peace, unity, and teamwork are all basic values imbibed within us by our surroundings, parents, and teachers. We cannot let our personal ambitions and judgements get the best of us. We as a civilization can see progress, only with a progress in our thoughts, a progress in our values. Activism for LGBTQ+ rights, working against oppressive laws, towards the freedom of speech, information and resources is the need of the hour and should be practiced to re-introduce these values, these essential building blocks of our species. Values are what make us human. It is our duty to imbibe within ourselves moral based values and to preach the same across the globe to keep the banner of humane compassion and belief flying high!

On this World Values Day, we must all pledge to re-develop our values, ethics and our morals. We must all act as soon as possible, and fix this broken pillar of society, for, ‘values are like lighthouses; they are signals giving us direction, meaning and purpose.’


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