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  • Prachi Jhawar

When Light Fails

That evening it was pouring rain. The sound of the thunder was deep and dreary as it rolled through the heavy clouds, as though the clouds were completely encircled by them. Black clouds in the sky were suddenly smashed left and right as a result of lightning in the distance striking a cloud of shattered cotton wool in the opposite direction and I was in a rush to get home so I didn't see the black van parked across the street. It wasn't until I looked out my window and noticed mournful shadows behind the van that I suspected something was amiss.

My neighbours and friends Riya and Priya were the ones I called. We decided to move on and investigate the situation further. To be on the safe side, nevertheless, we choose to use the code name Charlie-the-Boy in our neighbourhood to denote any risk or if we are discovered. We made the judgement to huddle around the van and attempt to peep in as we sank to our toes.

However, I was unfortunate enough to attract someone's attention because my shoes were making sounds, so I took a step back to check my shoes with one of the men. Unexpectedly, I also noticed that the man carrying the gun was rough-dressed in a black mask and helmet as he approached me. I trembled and shook. I signalled danger to myself by calling Charlie's name aloud. When he recognised my name as Charlie, the man came over and gave me a chit. Curiosity piqued, I inquired as to what he was doing. He replied, "Don't behave recklessly right now. Charles James, please give this paper to our master. Why did he send you this time, I wonder. Now take this and inform him, adding that it will happen tomorrow at six o'clock in the evening. Additionally, let him know that we shall demand more money as the job is getting tougher. Go now, but be careful. Only last night did I see a police car patrolling this area. We'll be leaving as well.

After telling me that, he left with his van after handing me the chit.

Despite my complete confusion, I approached Priya and Riya who were sheltering behind a wall. I informed them of the chit. We proceeded to my house to discuss the situation and read the chit. We took the chit home and opened it. "12 bracks-point 4-8 help-Ronald Dewgrew-Pink" was written on it.

Everything looked to be incredibly hazy. They appeared to be coded in the text. But we were certain that there was a concern. I recalled that the man had informed me that it would occur the following day at six o'clock in the evening.

This was becoming a lot more challenging. We discussed it for the rest of the evening. The only thing we could determine was that perhaps 8 help meant 8 persons. In an effort to see if we could uncover anything about Ronald Dewdrew online, we started our search. After searching, what we discovered was simply unbelievable.

There was a serial killer named Ronal Dewdrew! He was the focus of police interest. He was, in short, an escaped prisoner. When we saw this, our hearts began to beat rapidly. Our interest and confusion intensified as time went on. This situation was becoming more bizarre. We considered asking the police or a detective for assistance, but we decided against it because we lacked any evidence or confirmation as it might be a joke. However, as we continued to gather information, it became more and more likely that some sort of illegal activity would take place. We then began looking for a place called Pink on the map, and sure enough, we discovered a town hall on the outskirts of the city named Pink.

We learned that it was a location for the exchange of materials he was going to use on his next victim. Now that we saw the necessity for the police, we contacted them.

Given our age, the police initially didn't trust us, but they did once we persuaded him. He made the decision to watch the CCTV recording of the chat with the man. We went there, and after the policeman saw the video, he began to trust us. He took note of the van number and provided it to the RTO for van tracking. He heard all the hints and examined what we had concluded from them. He then made further contact with a detective. However, the investigator requested us to leave as soon as he came. as now the case was in the control of the police.

However, we were not happy with the choice and were quite interested, so we took the venture to spy on them. The detective arrived and spoke with the officers. After that, they proceeded to the pink hall. When we arrived, they had already seen us because we had followed them in a taxi. After so much verbally harassing, we were finally directed to hide under the stage and come out while the investigation was ongoing. At 6 o'clock in the evening, the cockroaches started to tingle, and the cops hid secretly to observe what was happening and document the evidence. Two men started talking to each other at 6:01.

There was an exchange of various weapons and chemicals. The second man said to the first man `` Make sure it is 1 lakh exactly as last time it was less. You know it’s difficult to do business if there is no trust. Also, I want you to be more careful these days. The patrolling by the police has increased.” Just as he was saying this, the police came out and grabbed the two men and arrested them.

After a few days of investigating, they caught the serial killer.

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