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Why Do Temples Have Bells?

Bells are generally hung at the temple entrances or at the inside. It is said that by ringing the bell, the devotee informs the God of his arrival. The sound of the bell is considered auspicious and it invites divinity and expels negativity. Have you ever tried to find out the science behind the ringing bells in the temples? The scientific reason is that their ringing cleans our mind and helps us stay sharp and we can concentrate fully on the deity. Now let us understand how this works.

Firstly, the vibrations which are produced by the ringing bell produce sound energy. It depends on the motion and the position of the ringing bell. The sound waves as we all know, need a medium to travel and here the medium is air. The sound of the bell (high pitch or low pitch) is determined by the wall thickness of the bell. That’s why tower bells are so loud - they are thick.

Sound is a vibration that resonates with the soul. This vibration is felt in every cell of our body. Sound has not only the power to heal on a physical level but also to heal on an emotional and spiritual level. There are seven energy chakras (or healing centres) in the body. They have their own frequency. Specific sounds have the vibrational power to tap into those chakras and bring balance and harmony. We need to know that these seven chakras get energised by particular musical notes. Each chakra is responsible for healing a particular part of our body and mind. The best part here is that the sound of the ringing bells activates all the seven healing centres. The sound of these bells create a unity in the left and right hemispheres of our brains. When we ring the bell, the echo of the sound lasts for a minimum of 7 seconds, and during these 7 seconds, all the negative thoughts are removed from our mind. So, in short, be it Hindu culture or Christian tradition or Buddhist monasteries, the sound of the ringing bells brings a state of supreme calm. WOW! Who knew that ringing a bell before prayer was this wondrous !!

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