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  • Aashi Shah

Why Mondays Should Be Banned.

There's no beating Mondays. May you be in school or college. Mondays will always be Mondays. Here are some reasons why the world should ban Mondays ahead in life.

1. Mondays ruin Sundays.

You can't possibly enjoy your Sunday while stressing about how awful tomorrow is going to be. And why do all your homework submissions, tests and assignment submissions have to be on a Monday?? Mondays really like to make our lives gloomy!

2. Mondays are always tiring and cranky.

Let's be honest, we all maybe physically present, but mentally we’re all just sleeping. And why are we always so irritated on a Monday morning? Like every single thing annoys us. This is probably because you’re so sure that your Monday is going to be bad, so why not go along with it? And I always feel like a walking-dead, sleep deprived zombie.

3. No other day arrives so fast.

Monday is chilling out all week long. Tuesday crawls by, Wednesday messes with us a little bit, Thursday makes us cry a little and finally Friday arrives when we happily tell ourselves, "We've made it". But the minute the weekend ends, Monday arrives on a jet! And Monday is the longest day of the week. It's like a chewed gum stuck to your shoe sole!

4. Monday is the day farthest away from the weekend.

On a Monday morning, even a telescope can't view the weekend. I mean I don't get it - Monday is farthest from Friday and Friday is closest to Monday!

Lastly, they're just bad, no other reason! Mondays just have a bad ring to it. That vibe of even living in that moment of a Monday is itself terrible. Mondays are making people world-wide unhappy. If someone's even slightly unhappy on a Monday, then it's just a chain-reaction. Mondays are generally horrible, and they should be wiped from existence, like please just leave us alone.

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