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Will the real crepes please stand up?!

“Creme Brulee, raspberry chocolate pudding, éclair, beignets, pain au chocolat; in short, none of the items of the bakery Fais de beaux rêves disappoint sir! Whatever you like we have that and much more” Jasper said to the male customer with purple-dyed hair. This was probably the twenty-first time Jasper had said this to a customer in a span of just forty-five minutes. The bakery or rather the store, which when one entered they co

uld smell the sweet scent of freshly baked goods and would be held under a trance which could only be escaped once they bit into one of the heavenly deliciousness which the bakery sold. This bakery was called ‘Fais de beaux rêves’ which if translated in English would mean ‘Sweet dreams’.

Jasper worked in this bakery as a server for over three months and well...if the world ever held the biggest dessert lover contest, Jasper would win hands down. Jasper was a twenty-one-year-old university student with ash blonde hair and loved desserts more than anything. As soon as he found out that there was an opening for a job in the bakery near his university he rushed in to give his resume and was soon given the job. Jasper was well, an average worker, he spoke to all the customers politely, had only broken ten plates since he had joined and was never late. But here comes the problem, Jasper was a huge dessert lover and whenever he was told to serve desserts to the customers his eyes would get big and he would start drooling. Looking at the chocolate sauce which was drizzled over the ever so delicate looking souffles, squeezing in vanilla icing inside a bun, putting in chocolate chips inside a mouth-watering cookie, the making of buttercream for the macarons; Jasper had to do his absolute best to control himself from grabbing one of the desserts and shoving it down his throat.

One morning, there was complete chaos in the kitchen of ‘Fais de beaux rêves’ and the pâtissiers and other servers were bustling around the kitchen while the servers were trying to grasp all the instructions they were being given by the manager. The bakery had received a call from the managers of Ms. Ashlynn Dylinson, one of the biggest actresses in the world, they had called in to let the bakery know that Ms. Ashlynn Dylinson would be arriving anytime in the late evening and would like to order one of the bakery’s signature dishes that was the ‘Raspberry Banana Crepes’ and so the staff should be prepared with the dish. Here’s the problem, the bakery was not available that day Ms. Ashlynn Dylinson’s manager called because it was the holiday season and most of the staff members had planned on going out and hence most of the pâtissiers and the manager had to leave as soon as they were done making the dish. Jasper was a university student with few breaks from the university and hence he was held responsible for taking care of the needs of the actress. “So Jasper do you understand? They will be here by six in the evening and all you need to do is plaster a big smile on your face and serve the dish to Ms. Ashlynn. DO NOT DISAPPOINT US AS WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO FIRE YOU BOY!” the manager exclaimed.

As soon as the dish was prepared the others left the bakery and it was just Jasper left. Twelve in the afternoon read the clock but this is something Jasper would not know considering the boy was just eyeing the scrumptious looking crepes. He licked his lips and his eyes got super big as crepes were in fact his favourite dessert and here he was, all alone and a delicious plate of crepes kept in front of him. “Eat me, eat me” sang the crepes but this song could only be heard by Jasper. Unfortunately, Jasper couldn’t control himself, “Just one teensy bite,” he thought but sadly the teensy bite turned out to be enormous and the dish of crepes was almost half empty. “OH NO! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” yelped Jasper, “I ate almost half of the dish and I cannot serve this to Ms. Ashlynn! Oh no! The bakery is going to get sued because of me!” Suddenly, an idea struck Jasper, “What if I try to recreate the dish of crepes? I have observed the chefs make it so many times, it can’t possibly be that bad” he murmured under his breath.

Jasper was trembling, his upper lip was quivering but with shaking eyes, Jasper gathered all the ingredients needed for the dish and started working on the crepe batter. Surprisingly, the batter had attained perfect consistency and so Jasper let it sit for twenty minutes while he just nervously paced around in the kitchen. Twenty minutes passed and Jasper took around forty minutes to cook the crepes and let them cool for an hour. Fortunately, the crepes did turn out a beautiful golden brown colour but here came the difficult part, decoration. Jasper was not a pâtissier and did not have the skills for decoration but he tried his level best to make his dish look presentable and pretty. Well...the dish did look presentable but it looked just average and not like a dish which had been decorated by a pâtissier of an esteemed bakery, but well what could have been done?

As soon as the clock struck six, Ms. Ashlynn Dylinson strutted in the bakery wearing huge black sunglasses followed by her bodyguards and manager, while the sound of clicking cameras could be heard outside the bakery. The dish was served and well Ms. Ashlynn looked extremely judgemental seeing the dish, “Hmm, I have had this dish multiple times and has never looked so well..sad,” she said out loud and all Jasper could do was gulp nervously as he saw the actress cut in and take a bite of the dish. No sooner had the actress taken a bite than her eyes turned big and she chuckled happily, “Wow! I have never had anything as delicious as this! I completely understand the terrible presentation now! It displays the complexities of life, no?!” Jasper was astounded to hear this but extremely glad nonetheless and nodded his head excitedly. Well, Reader, now it is upto you to decide, was Jasper a hidden cooking prodigy? Or is it just human behaviour to consider something expensive to be Lord’s creation and justify its absurdity? Still, the question which we have right now is will the real crepes please stand up?!

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