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Women’s safety- Nirbhaya 103

A society where women are not safe can never prosper. The question of the safety of women is not limited to herself or her family, but it is the responsibility of the whole society.” - Home Minister of Maharashtra.

The launch of the new Women’s Safety Squad has Mumbai in shock and relief at the same time. It is certainly one of the greatest initiatives taken by the Mumbai police and the government. Women’s safety is a major issue in today’s world. I agree, there have been a few measures taken to protect our women, but the fear of walking alone in the streets at night or travelling in public transport has not disappeared. Honorable, Home Minister of Maharasthra, Mr. Dilip Patil said that incidents of crime and violence against women are rising which is a cause of worry as many women are working at late hours. Every woman of India shared the same worry before they read about the Nirbhaya 103 squad.

As per a testimonial of the status of women in Mumbai, the state government presented its women citizens with the gift of the special Nirbhaya Squad on the occasion of Republic Day, 2022. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil launched 91 Nirbhaya Squads in Mumbai.

Just like how you pick up the phone and dial 101 to call the Fire Brigade or 102 to call the ambulance, these squads have specially trained officers of both genders who will be on patrol 24/7 in different localities of the city and will be available for assistance immediately when one dials 103. Women make a crucial contribution to the growth of Mumbai. Therefore this initiative of Nirbhaya Squad is an attempt to make the city safe for them. The squad name – Nirbhaya – means fearless.

I was scrolling through social media to take a break from my studies when I came upon the post that caught the whole nation’s attention. It was a video announcing the launch of this new squad and hopefully, this initiative reaches every city in India and the world. I think I speak for the women of Mumbai when I thank every member in the squad and everyone who made this possible. Be fearless. Be Nirbhaya.

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