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These are difficult times, yet exciting times! The year that went past was like no other for all of us. In all that hardship we learnt a lot, we became aware of many things and we became better human beings. The year 2020 was
A year we spent the maximum time with family.
A year when we spent the maximum time on the net.
A year we wasted the least amount of money.
A year in which we learnt to celebrate without extravagance.
A year in which we learnt to eat home-made food.
A year when we learnt to conduct a marriage without unnecessary spends.
A year we learnt the importance of cleanliness in our lives.
A year we spent more time reading than ever.
A year in which we learnt to use a lot of new apps and e-tools.
A year in which we learnt that health is the most important wealth.
A year in which we learnt the importance of staying positive.
This is why I say that for the majority of us, it has been a year of revelation that redefined our paradigms.
We therefore have a lot to share with each other on what we saw, learnt, changed and adapted. This blog is for all that…share, change, learn from each other’s experiences…
Let us keep the tone completely positive, understand and accept each other’s perspectives and be the richer for it. 
I am sure the new year will bring in a new vibrant, healthy and positive world for all of us.
All the very best for the success of AVM Theory.

Mrs. Jyoti Kumar
Director of Education for the AVM Group of Institutions

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AVM aims at nurturing our students to become young ambassadors who can adopt and adapt to the evolving environment and more importantly  be the change makers. They are sensitised  to the needs of the world and encouraged to collaboratively seek solutions to global issues for the betterment of mankind.

Mrs. Shobha Iyer
Principal Vasudev C Wadhwa Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra East

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Welcome to AVM Theory – the AVM Blog!!!!

This will interest, inspire, motivate and even have you walking away thinking and seeing things with a different perspective!

The content will depict the ethos and culture of AVM covering all aspects of life which will be honest, real, futuristic and dynamic - just like AVM.

Keep Blogging!!

Mrs. Smita Sulakhe
Principal Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra West

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We, at AVM, are proud to launch our own blogspace where the
students can express themselves well, not only the concerns but also
their interpretation and solutions logically with creative thinking. It is
a place where all the bits and pieces created and explored in the
online and offline world can be housed.
Wishing this new initiative of AVM all the success.

Mrs. Damanjit Kaur Sabherwal
Principal Shrimati Ramdevi Shobhraj Bajaj Arya Vidya Mandir Juhu

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