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John awoke from his sleep and jolted as the huge bell outside his door rang loudly, piercing his ears . He was in a room which was extremely compact .There was nothing other than a sink, toilet and a bed which could barely be called a bed,it was very uncomfortable . There was no escape from this upsetting room. He was only permitted to leave this room once a visitor came to meet him . Through his window he could see the sun beaming on the yellow-golden fields far and wide. It is said that a new morning brings a fresh new day with hope for a day better than yesterday but for John today was unlike other days.Today was the day he was going to die .It had been 12 years since he was there ,so many miserable days had passed by. Looking at his past and what got him here he sighed .

“Such a hectic and a busy day at work !” exclaimed John pulling into the garage .John was snowed under the workload at the office but was eager, in fact more than happy to meet his wife Liah and dear daughter Ava.He got up to the 11th floor of this grandiose building. He reached the doorstep of his house .John rang the doorbell,to his surprise even after ringing it several times nobody came up to open the door. Having not wasted any further time he quickly took out his key from his pocket and jiggled the key in the door of the apartment .It was too strange because normally Ava played loud rock music blaring so loud that the entire building could perceive that the noise came from John’s house .He set foot in his stupendous apartment and he pushed his way in. He gave a tongue to Liah and Ava, "Liah , Ava are you here?" He heard no voice ,there was silence as grave. The house looked like a storm had washed away the entire house. Liah and Ava were nowhere to be found .His happiness gave way to extreme anxiety. He peered in the living room and trudged up to the kitchen. The glass shattered and the debris all over the floor added to the frightening atmosphere. He sensed that something was definitely wrong and gave him an aching feeling Slowly with trembling steps and his heart throbbing too fast,pushed through the bedroom and a sharp scream was heard that echoed in all the four corners of the house . He saw something that was jaw dropping and broke his heart into bits .He saw his wife and daughter laying on the bedroom floor swamped with blood with their head hung down , the blood was splattered all over the floor as well as on the walls.Hearing his loud cry the neighbours were alarmed and rushed to his apartment with concern . His neighbours dialed 9-1-1 , “Please send the police right away , a daughter and mother have been murdered.”

There was a huge squad of police officers all over his apartment. He is totally broken for Liah and Ava had only been his family .Walking with one of the officers to the squad car he was totally lost. “I am totally sorry John for what has happened but it is important to interrogate you therefore please proceed to the squad car” said Mr.Oliver the police inspector with a stern voice. For the next half an hour he had been there answering the innumerable questions asked by the entire mob of police officers .He sat back in the car ,tired. The police officers cared just less about this case, seeing this attitude of the police force John flew into rage and went storming towards the squad room trying to find some leads to case just then he sees Nick his old companion who is also in-charge for this murder. “I feel really sorry for what you are going through right now” , said Nick . “Can you do me favour can you please keep me updated with the investigation, if possible can you tell me about the murderer.” cried John . “I understand John, but what you are asking can cost my job too.” Pulling John’s arm and taking him in a corner Nick said, “ The truth is according to the footage we have found out that there were two murderers that escaped from the back gate of the building ,it was a brutal murder !” he exclaimed . “Thank you”

“Here is the folder which contains the names of the murderers.” John whispered a “Thank you” to Nick. He hid the folder in his thick jacket and ascended out of the squad room. “I will hunt for those murderers. Prison is not enough punishment. Just like the murder there would be something that will torture them!” John was on the verge of tears as he said that in a quivering voice.

“Come on John , we need to take you to the room and set up everything and also the two families will be seeing you in the witness room.” said the prison commissioner as that jars John back to the present. “The clock says sharp 10.30 as far as I know.”

The reality is that the prison commissioner was here to take him for his execution .He did not say a word in fact he had nothing to say of course because today was the day he had to face the inevitability of death . There are too many muffled voices that discuss his execution ignoring all of them he could just remember his only family he had dear Liah and Ava for which he was gotten here. There were shivers crawling down his back . He was in the execution room , as the curtains are drawn aside he hears the people coming and their steps becoming louder and louder .John heard the clock ticking and therefore he started to search for it , the clock ticked 10.57 .He looks around the witness room and sees the families of the two murderers of Liah and Ava he killed .That night of the frightful murder when he got the folder from Nick ,he hunted for the murderers gave them a gruesome death that is what brought him here and made his life miserable for the next 12 years .The executioner asked,” Are you for what is going to come?” As he looked around the room and the clock ticked 10.59 John was ready for what was to come, inevitable death.

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