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  • Krishna Mansinghani

And the Myth Comes True (Part 2 of 2)

Chapter 1: A New Revelation.

There they were walking across the dangers that the forest mountain held not knowing where it would lead them. a tone of anxiety was cast above them as the moon shone brightly, Sparkling in its glory as soon as it was sun down. The group of six then wondered whether finding the scroll was a boon or a bane. Not knowing their final destination made them fear what they would encounter in the near future. Just then the ever so talkative Kyle decided to lighten the mood by pointing out a sparkle of fireflies gleaming across a bunch of daisies on a small tiny field. As soon as they caught the eye of this mesmerising sight some of their anxiety began to flush out of their souls; it felt as though someone was taking away the weight of the world from their shoulders. They then decided that it had been a long day and that they should take camp somewhere safe. The group of six soon found a deep cave where they decided to spend the night and then continue their newfound mystery at dawn. As they sat around the campfire, the map lay there resting against Jaden’s bag when something caught his eye: a number on a corner of the map. His memory couldn't fail him and he was confident that there was a different number on the map when the group had first laid their hands on it. However he did not pay much heed to it and went off to take rest just like the others, for in this world nothing was impossible.

Chapter 2: The Leap of Faith

Soon after, the sun rose as usual and it was time to continue their adventure. Just as they resumed their journey they felt that their backpacks were getting heavier than they remembered. On observing this peculiar situation they were rendered speechless and had no idea what was occurring at that moment. Then, Jaden, the wisest of the lot, decided that it would be best if they would stop to see if anything was added to the contents of their bags. As they were shuffling through the contents they noticed nothing unusual and it was at this moment when Jaden, the map holder noticed the numbers on the map change again. He then thought that it was time for him to open up about his abnormal findings. While doing so they figured out that these were the doings of the magical map that they possessed, it was somehow trying to slow them from completing the journey and reaching the final destination. They then felt disheartened as there was nothing they could do about the situation at hand but what they could do was try and complete the adventure. While walking, the group of six noticed that whenever they came across a milestone on the map the numbers would begin changing to another variation of a fixed set of numbers (5,8,11,14). Although they were eager to know about the outcome of this mysterious adventure, they were filled with anxiety but what kept them going was the numerous breathtaking sights they could view, such as a waterfall which was ever so gentle that it was practically a water slide and birds chirping in such harmonious melodies that I am pretty sure they had discovered the calmest place on planet Earth. They were almost ready to abandon their adventure and wait there, standing still and forgetting about all the knowledge that they had ever possessed. It was simply mesmerizing. Just then, the curious and inquisitive Emma thought of peeping further down to see the end of the ethereal waterfall. Then , something happened, something no one would ever imagine, something that caught everyone in shock. While peeping downwards Emma fell, plummeting to her death. Everyone was helpless and could do nothing to stop what was incoming. All of a sudden they felt a strong gust of wind and closed their eyes. The next thing that they could see when they opened them was Emma floating just above the end of the waterfall. She was floating above what appeared to be a portal. Emma had been saved! This incident made them wonder whether the waterfall was just an optical illusion and that they were meant to take a leap of faith into the portal, which might perhaps be the key to reach their final destination!

Chapter 3: Utopia

It felt as though Falling through the portal was like traveling at the speed of light. Their heads were spinning, contents from their bags were unleashed and were flying haywire, they kept bumping into each other, not knowing what the outcome of this troublesome journey would be. Finally their unrest was over, they fell crashing down onto what appeared to be sand. Their only conclusion of going through this portal was that they had landed onto a parallel universe. Although dizzy, they were eager to check their location on the map when the scroll lit up, and burst into colourful flames. Then, out of nowhere came a sound that stated,

You have achieved your goal and have reached the final destination of your journey, your troubles will soon be gone.” “Welcome to Earth X 0.”

Their joy knew no bounds, they were the discoverers of an island, so beautiful and advanced that no man would ever even imagine dreaming about. It was something that could only be heard and read about in stories passed down from generations to generations.

While exploring through the island Kara, the clumsiest of the group, tripped upon a stone which opened up a cave with a statue of a Jester presenting another scroll in its hands.


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