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Bermuda triangle: A misinterpretation not a mystery

The fascination with mysteries has always intrigued the minds of generations. Mysteries that remained mysteries until they could be explained through known knowledge of science. As humans lived on a small stretch of land on earth, anything beyond that was considered a mystery. One such myth was started by Charles. Blitz through his thought-provoking theory he proposed in his bestselling 1974 book "The Bermuda Triangle."

The popularity of this theory resulted in many thinkers getting convinced of some mysterious phenomena happening in this newly coined location of the Bermuda triangle which in turn encouraged non-conclusive theories of paranormal phenomena. This theory became popular due to the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes in that region of the Atlantic. The curiosity of a natural occurrence often resulted in disastrous calamity to human beings resulting in loss of life and property. This could be one such place like many other undiscovered regions on earth where nature is at its fullest potential.

Many authors adopted and built around this theory but none of them researched their own; they relied on Charles.Blitz’s theory. The thought and the research used by the latter writers were just collected and repeated from the previous writers who did the same from Charles. Blitz’s book "The Bermuda Triangle."

The truth was revealed by a journalist named Larry Kusche who on re-examining the well-known mystery realized that the mystery was a story created by mistakes and incomplete research. In the end, the Bermuda triangle is not related to time portals, Atlantis, geomagnetic anomalies, tidal waves, or anything of the other fabricated theories, it is just an area with instability in nature and a huge quantity of transportation which adds up to the occurrence of accidents.

At first glance, I felt that there is some paranormal activity in the region that could be causing the disappearance of the vessels. It is easier to believe what a person says without complete information but having information is what sets you on the right path. This doesn’t mean that myths or beliefs are not true, but it shows us that the Bermuda triangle is an activity caused by the natural conditions of the region.

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