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  • Yashorit Bagchi

Gyan and Vigyan

In continuation to my previous article that dwelt with the question, ‘What is Science?’, today I am going to move on to the next most frequently heard question, ‘What is the link between Gyan (Knowledge) and Vigyan (Science)?’

As Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa explained it,

“The awareness and conviction that fire exists in wood is Gyana, Knowledge. However, to cook rice on that fire, eat the rice, and get nourishment from it is Vigyana.”

"Vigyana means Knowledge with a greater fullness. Some have heard of milk, some have seen milk, and some have drunk milk. He who has merely heard of it is 'ignorant'. He who has seen it is a Gyani but he who has drunk it is Vigyani, that is to say, has a fuller knowledge of it.”

In other words, where Gyan ends, that is the end of basic knowledge, and Vigyan- the deeper knowledge of the subject begins. Hence, Science is nothing but an in-depth study and understanding of a subject.

Is it not beautiful to realise how Vigyan and our lives are completely intertwined with each other? Every aspect of our Indian way of life is a reflection of this ancient thought process of using Vigyan developed from Gyan. Most simple, daily household activities have a deep rooted scientific basis. Let us take the example of cleaning our house front with cow dung, which is known to have antiseptic properties. The tradition of having curd and sugar before heading on a journey is beneficial as sugar provides instant glucose and curd has a cooling effect. The combination of these two ingredients can help one maintain their energy levels and calm their bodies. Pickling is another tradition based on science started by our ancestors before they even knew what preservatives were. The art of pickling is using natural preservatives like salt, sugar and vinegar, not just for taste, but to store fruits and vegetables longer.

Our school life is coming to an end soon. We, the students of 10th Std., are heading towards the end of our journey in Gyan and embarking into the deep ocean that is Vigyan!


Part 2- "What is Science?"

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Yashorit Bagchi's Gyan and Vigyan shows a high level of understanding of such concepts. I enjoyed this brief article. Well done. Wishing you all the best!

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