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  • Advaita Tembhekar

Out With The Old, In With The New?

More than 50% of the world is urbanized, and according to many, 50% of the world is westernized. Since the past few years, especially after the pandemic, a host of people have taken to the internet claiming that their culture, their traditions are purposely being destroyed. 

While this is not the first time that such claims have been brought to light, after the pandemic, the use of technology to spread this information has become much more effortless as well as prominent, causing a larger number of people to take notice. The people making these claims are partly right. The question is - Are many cultures, and traditions from numerous places evolving? Absolutely. Are they being purposely destroyed? NO. 

A glance through history would show that throughout the ages, cultures have changed whether it was because of intellectual progress or even wars. Although, there is no reason why a culture, for any reason, would not be influenced by its surroundings and moral conditions. 

Evolution is a magnificent thing and the adaptations a culture makes to thrive in its environment make it more diverse. With regards to these adaptations to a culture’s habitat, in modern media, these are being portrayed as strategic cullings of one culture by one or more specific groups. This portrayal has been used to stir a frenzy amongst populations by many, using the ideology that this apparent “loss of culture” is a targeted attack to change their identity into what is considered an acceptable one by the attacking group. That is, to increase the rate of conversions from the targeted culture to the culture of the attackers.

This is not to forget that your culture evolving, does not mean that it is being destroyed. Your culture evolving, does not mean your identity is being destroyed. 

Your culture is not entirely who you are, nevertheless it is a big and sacred part of you. Cultures are meant to be embraced and not taken advantage of. Cultures should not mean politics and violation of a mass. They are a part of you that you should always foster and take away valuable lessons from. 

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