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  • Mishti Chhabria

The Power of Colours

In a world painted in hues and shades, the impact of colours goes beyond just aesthetics and a pleasing sight ; they intricately shape our emotions and set the tone for our moods.As we navigate through the rush of our daily lives, the colours that surround us play a silent role on our senses, moods and feelings.

We do not generally realise the influence colours around us have on how we express ourselves or feel but it is truly believed that different colours have distinct meanings, auras , and psychological effects that vary across different people and cultures. 

Warm colours like red, yellow and orange usually signify a range of emotions such as passion, comfort, anger and power. On the other hand cool colours like blue, purple and green have almost an opposite effect developing feelings of calmness which counteract feelings of anxiety. While cool hues can bring peace and soothe an uneasy situation they can sometimes also trigger feelings of sadness and disdain.

According to me red is one of the most intense and stimulating colours that instantly boosts one's energy. Muted shades can raise feelings of love and passion , while bright hues could signify anger, strength, and power. It’s a warm, generally positive, motivating colour that encourages people to act and gives shy, soft-spoken people more confidence. Blue has the opposite effects of red and is the most soothing and serene colour. Primary blue is used in therapy for meditation and relaxation because it helps one unwind, find peace, and be more comfortable in expressing one's feelings. It’s also associated with wisdom, creativity, and spirituality. 

I think that purple is similar to blue in the way it makes one feel calm and relaxed.Shades like lavender tend to give feelings of hope and compassion while dark and rich shades inspire feelings of power, strength and authority.

Orange is also a stimulating colour that can incite feelings of enthusiasm and passion. Yellow is a colour that is usually associated with the Sun and its bright rays of sunlight. I feel that it is an extremely motivating colour which signifies happiness , intelligence , wisdom and creativity. It brings feelings of hope and desire.The colour pink is linked with a sense of kindness and love, and it is  believed to boost creativity and feelings of peace, calm, and hopefulness. Bright shades are connected to energy and confidence, while lighter shades to feelings of care and calmness.

Green is a joyful colour that is known to improve one’s mood when in a pensive mood.It is associated with nature.It is the colour of the forests, leaves and grass.It puts the mind in a peaceful and calm mood just by looking at it.

Brown is an earthy and neutral colour. Usually not favoured by a lot of people, it is actually a very important colour in signifying safety, basic needs of people and family shelter.The colour white is one which indicates purity , innocence and change.Black , a colour usually associated with the evil, or the unknown can actually prove to be an extremely luxurious, elegant and powerful colour.

In conclusion, the world we live in is like a canvas of colours that have a significant impact on our daily lives. From the fiery passion invoked by red and the calmness of the colour blue each and every colour has a unique impact. It is rightly said, “Colours are the smiles of nature.”

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