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  • Kabir Ruparelia

To Tame The Untamable

Ever since I was a child, visiting the zoo has always been extremely memorable for me. Each animal, no matter how different, has always captivated me. I had recently visited the ‘Kings Zoo’ in Australia, and it was the most exciting event I had experienced in a long, long time.

As I wandered through the ‘Kings Zoo’, I was entranced by a kaleidoscope of wildlife that unfolded before me. The sleek panther moved with an effortless grace, its golden eyes gleaming with a hint of mystery. Nearby, the otters frolicked in their aquatic playground, their playful antics a delight to behold. Towering above them all, the giraffes stretched their elegant necks to pluck leaves from the trees, while the vibrant flock of the parrots painted the sky with hues of blue and green. Delving deeper into the reptile house, I marveled at the beautiful patterns of slithering snakes. Each creature I encountered was a masterpiece of nature, a testament to the amazing diversity and beauty of the animal kingdom.

I saw quite a few animals - a crocodile with scales sharp as knives, an enormous yellowish-pink snake whose body never seemed to end. It went on and on and on and on until it rested on a large, unusually smooth, purple rock- a hippopotamus. The creature’s belly was as big as a trampoline. It was sprawled lazily beside a kangaroo carrying three adorable joeys in its cozy little pouch. The animal I had the best experience with, however, was none of these, but the beast who should be called the true king of the jungle.

The magnificent beast was hidden in the shadows of a poorly crafted cell- all in tatters and scratches. It seemed as though it would give away any second. Its deep yellow eyes glared with an eerie intensity. Its brawny muscles rippled through its striped fur, strong as a rock. Its mane exuded confidence and authority. I was ogling at the sight of this menacing creature when out of the blue, I heard an ill-trained zookeeper shriek in fright-"Aaah!". He closed the door, but forgot to lock it, allowing this ferocious beast to come out of the shadows it was once trapped in. The tiger was free and ready to wreak havoc. My ears were deafened by the piercing bellows of the terrorized crowd and I was blinded by the trampling crowd of the animal enthusiasts. The striped beast went on a rampage, crashing and dashing into everything in its sight. Its roar put every other sound in the zoo to shame. 

The wild beast came charging towards the crowd, teeth bared and claws ready to strike. However, just before it pounced on a terrified young child who was clutching his ice cream in fear, a muscly stranger whose face was obscured behind a hood, stopped it. She was a woman, middle-aged, with muscles as large as a body-builder’s. She fought him hand-on-hand- or should I say- hand-on-claw.

Everyone gasped and watched in a mixture of shock and awe. To their surprise, instead of snarling and roaring, the ‘ferocious’ beast melted and turned into a playful pussycat. Its roar turned into meows as it fell flat on its back as the trainer caressed its smooth-combed belly. I mean, which cat can ever resist a belly rub?

The anxious crowd cheered loudly and applauded the fearless, caring trainer for her bravery, love, and compassion. It was an applause well deserved. I could not believe my eyes. This woman yielded power greater than that of any superhero. She yielded the power of love with compassion as her sidekick and happiness as her most crucial weapon.

In that moment, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, I witnessed the profound impact of compassion and understanding. The woman’s actions spoke volumes, demonstrating that beneath the exterior of even the most fearsome creature, lies a heart yearning for connection and affection.

This encounter served as a poignant reminder of the importance of treating others with kindness and empathy. In a world often characterized by division, it is love that has the power to tear open barriers and unite us all.

 One should treat others with love and compassion because, with love, even a ferocious beast can be tamed into an adorable pet. I consider myself very lucky to have experienced such a beautiful, inspiring turn of events before my very eyes. It showed me the power of love and opened my eyes to the fact that everything on this planet deserves to be loved. Be it an adorable bunny rabbit or a striped beast that has claws capable of tearing through metal, love can tame even the untamable.

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