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  • Shanaya Khosla

World Values Day

Values are individual beliefs that motivate people to act one way or another. They serve as a guide for human behaviour. World Values Day will be celebrated on 20th October. The goal of World Values Day is to raise global awareness and encourage the application of values.

Values are becoming a more important topic of public discussion and debate, although their significance for our happiness and role in our lives are not always well understood.

Values help us live by directing and guiding us. I consider my values to be a Guiding Compass. Whatever happens in our lives, our values can show us a path forward, and help us make better choices. Some typical values that each individual has are Loyalty, Spirituality, Compassion, Honesty, Kindness, and Integrity. Research shows that just thinking about our values keeps our stress levels low, and helps us feel more content. In today's time, there are a lot of examples in which individuals are portrayed to be without any values. Examples are; a student telling a friend's secrets to someone else and not respecting his/her privacy or a student being a fake friend just so that he/she can gain the benefit of the doubt or might be using that student as an easy way to get grades in studies without putting in the effort can also be an example.

Values are always based on numerous factors. While the fundamental principles are universal and have survived for ages, some values may change. Values might be unique to a culture or generation. The idea that women with high moral standards should keep to themselves at home and refrain from speaking out has altered over time. Values are largely influenced by our culture and society. We acquire values as children, and they stick with us for the rest of our lives.

I believe that each individual has values. Sometimes those values may be used in the wrong but are present and help with their day-to-day duties. At the age when children must be taught good values, they are taught to fight and survive in this competitive world. Their academics and performance in other activities are given importance over their values. There can be nothing better than a society where a majority of people have good values and they follow ethical norms.

In my view, good values define a human being and make them stand out from the rest. Good values generally reflect an individual's upbringing given by their family.

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